3 Rainy Day Activities in Norcross, Georgia

 3 Rainy Day Activities in Norcross, Georgia

It’s the week before your long-awaited vacation to Norcross, Georgia. You and your honey are in the final planning stages and decide to take a glimpse at the forecast — because you like to travel prepared. Wouldn’t you know it? Looks like rain… for the entire week. All is not lost, however, because this culture-packed historic city offers a wide variety of activities which run the gamut from museums, historic sites, outstanding bowling experiences, fine dining, and so much more.

Once you narrow down your list of adventures to tackle while visiting, be sure to select a hotel that’s situated close to your most desired activities. That way you’re not wasting your precious vacation time racing across town (getting soaked) just to get to a recreation opportunity. Now that you’re excited again about planning your new itinerary, there’s no doubt it’s going to be a fantastic vacation, despite that silly old forecast. And to help you make sure you enjoy your week-long stay, we’ve got a few suggestions to keep you enthused.

Upscale Boutique Bowling

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Bowling has gone uptown in Norcross. That’s right. The Painted Pin boutique bar takes bowling and entertainment to an upscale level and a whole lot of fun. But that’s not all they offer. If giant Jenga is your thing, they’ve got it. If you don’t enjoy bowling, you might try your hand at Bocce, shoot some hoops, play a game of ping-pong, challenge a friend at table shuffleboard, and more.

Escape Room Adventure

It may seem bizarre to leave your hotel room just to escape from another kind of room. It’s a conundrum to be sure. Let the adventures at Mission Escape Atlanta plunge you into a deep mystery in which you and your cohorts (in collaboration with other players) work together to solve puzzles and riddles. Finding and applying all the clues that are left for you brings you closer to achieving all the objectives and ultimate victory.

Escape rooms have become quite a popular activity. As such, it’s recommended that you call ahead to reserve the desired date, time, and type of experience you’d like to have.

History Well-Preserved

History buffs will definitely want to take in the sites of the Atlanta History Center. Launched in 1926 as the Atlanta Historical Society, its mission was to preserve Atlanta’s history. In 1990 it was renamed the Atlanta History Center and continues to uphold this worthy mission.

Offering a variety of exhibits and historic home tours in different locations, its venues cover a 33-acre area. But no matter which location you’re visiting, you can be sure of one thing — you’ll take home part of Atlanta’s rich history in your memories.

If you would like to add to your list, a conversation with the hotel concierge generates a wealth of advice when you require directions, want a restaurant recommendation, or need tickets to a show.

These are few of the exciting suggestions of what to see and do while visiting historic Norcross, Georgia. What will make it to your list?

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