4 Trips You Can Make for Under £200

So, are you looking for holiday packages that won’t blow your budget? Then don’t worry! You’ll get last minutes holiday’s deals under £200 whether you fancy romantic getaways, family-friendly holidays or escaping with friends. You can get everything you want at the best price.

Taking a vacation doesn’t need to break a bank. There are plenty of holidays under £200 for everyone. It’s essential to take your day off, get away and recuperate from the busy schedules of life and work. Nothing beats the feeling of sinking your toes into soft golden sand. If you can’t wait to get away, choose your destination. Be spontaneous and treat yourself.

While enjoying these pleasures of life, why don’t you indulge in some 5-star resorts to experience luxury at its finest? Search for bargains holidays under £200 deals for delicious food, fantastic service, and entertainment on the go.

If you want to explore culture, why not seek an exciting city break? Wherever you go, there are some destinations for you to enjoy the cultural buzz, fantastic food and the nightlife in high spirits. All this is essential in getting you the mood you need in life.

Can’t stretch too far, don’t worry. You can get cheaper weekend breaks. Simply browse the available deals online and select your dream destination. Such can include the following.

  1. 2 Nights in Dublin

Want to get away with a minimal budget? Dublin is the best place. You can get a 2-night stay inclusive of breakfast at under £100 a night. That means you can make the Dublin trip at £200.

Even better, Dublin has lots of free sights and activities that keep your costs at the minimum. Plus, the area is accessible by air.

  • 3 Nights in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fantastic place to head to for a city break. Here, you can get a flight and hotel package at less than £150 for the three nights. Adding breakfast to this package brings the budget closer to the £200 mark.

Like Dublin, the main attraction sites are free or costs only a few euros. Even better, you can limit public transport costs by renting bikes at £10 in a day.

  • 4 Nights in Malta

Want a beach break with a sightseeing element? Head to Malta where you can stay in a beach town on one side of this island. You can visit the town of Valletta on the other side of this island in less than an hour.

Pre-summer, the temperature is favorable to explore different sites comfortably. You can take a boat to Comino Island for a dip in Blue Lagoon.

The 4-night deal here could cost £200 or less.

  • 5 Nights in Ibiza  

With heavenly swimming pools and swanky beach clubs, Ibiza is the place to be. Its elegance makes it appear more expensive than is.

You can get an all-inclusive 5-night stay at less than £165 including breakfast and flights.