5 Thai Islands Everyone Needs to Visit

5 Thai Islands Everyone Needs to Visit

Thailand consists of several hundred islands and while not all of them are suitable or available for visiting, there are scores of Thai islands that are inhabited and commercialized to facilitate tourism in the country. However, commercialization isn’t always a guarantee of quality, so we have a list of the top five islands that everyone needs to visit in Thailand first, irrespective of whether they are locals, expatriates or travelers from outside the nation.

Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe island is part of the Adang-Rawi Archipelago, and thus located in the country’s southwestern section. In spite of being so small that people can actually explore it on foot in roughly one and a half hours, it hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Thailand. They are not as extravagant as some of the others in the more popular islands of course, but even then, the likes of Sanom Beach, Sunset Beach, Billa Beach and Pattaya Beach (Ko Lipe) are well worth exploring.


Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket are the three common names that even foreign tourists know of, so it should not be a surprise that Phuket made it onto the list. Practically, Phuket is a large province, consisting of several islands, but there is one main island that we are talking about here. It is a popular, crowded area, but still worth visiting because of the grand beaches, excellent resorts, bustling nightclubs, and historical monuments.

Ko Samui

Not only is Ko Samui popular, but it is arguably the best place to stay while on your visit to the region. The fact that Lub d also has a hotel Koh Samui on the island makes sure that anyone looking for a luxurious stay with pool bars, infinity pools and gorgeous beachfront views won’t be disappointed. Aside from the brilliant vistas and luxurious accommodations at Koh Samui, the island hosts sailing competitions, street fairs, the Ten Stars Samui Art Party, excellent seafood and so much more.

Koh Tao

A popular destination for rock climbers, snorkelers, scuba drivers, trekkers and rock climbers, Koh Tao is the place to visit if you are looking for an adventurous Thai vacation. In spite of the popularity, there is a quieter side of Koh Tao as well, but it isn’t as developed as the more popular parts of the island.

Ko Phi Phi Don

This list would of course be incomplete without at least mentioning Ko Phi Phi Don, commonly known as Phi Phi Island. Even though it was hit pretty hard during the Tsunami of December, 2004, the island has since been rebuilt with a stricter regulation of building laws to reduce damage in case of future events. Even now, Ko Phi Phi Don remains one of the most beautiful islands ever.

The best part about exploring Thailand is that it is more than likely that you will never really run out of places to visit, thanks to the nation’s rich collection of numerous, breathtaking islands. Nevertheless, if you have not been on any of the five islands we just discussed, you probably already know what your next Thai destination should be.

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