6 Experiences You Should Definitely Include in Your Next Seaside Vacation

There is more to beach holidays than sunbathing, swimming and building sand castles. Discover pleasurable and exhilarating experiences that you must try at least once in your lifetime:

  1. Wildlife watch

This isn’t an activity only for children. Some of the world’s best beaches treat tourists of all ages to an unforgettable experience. They can either dive to observe coral reefs with their incredible wildlife or explore the shores – for example to see hatching turtles find their way to the sea. It’s thrilling and rewarding.

  1. Romance

If you’re single, whether you’ve had a summer romance or not, you should open your heart to love and attraction when you reach the seaside. It’s a place of wonders, where falling in love feels like a fairytale. The breeze, the sand the warm nights – all make for a stunning décor that’s just perfect for romance.

  1. Join a beach party

Usually, locals will guide you to the best spots for a beach party. As Beach Spot Online suggests at http://www.beachspotonline.com, you can have the time of your life at one such happy gathering. Tourists and locals alike party until dawn. This is also a good occasion to sample exotic cuisine or drinks.

  1. Rent a boat

This is a very good idea if you’re on a shore dotted by many islands. Renting a boat lets you explore these at your own pace. You can stop on as many islands as you like and create a fascinating itinerary. Most touristic beaches have boat rentals; you should take advantage, even if it’s pricey – you’re not going to forget the experience.

  1. Book a horse riding beach excursion

Riding a horse on the beach is simply wonderful; it takes you to a fantasy world. Book an excursion along the shore on horseback and enjoy the views. Your level of skill does not matter.

  1. Get a beach spa treatment

Touristic heavens such as Bali offer complete spa services right on the beach, in a specific environment. You get to relax in an authentic exotic spa, only that it has no standard walls; therefore you can see the scenery and breathe it in as you relax deeply.