7 types of handbags every girl needs to carry

We usually need help carrying all the essentials wherever we go. Handbags are the one-stop solution to carry all your essentials. Women generally like carrying handbags. Every woman has her own style, which is reflected in their choice of handbags. The handbag is used for multi-purposes. There is an extensive collection of womens handbags in the market to fit all your needs. Let’s look into the seven types of handbags that every girl needs:

Shoulder bags

It is a classic variety that suits all your purposes. As the name says, this bag is slung over your shoulder. It is easy to carry, and it can hold all your essentials. It varies in size; you can choose yours. This bag is an ideal choice for everyday purposes. Pick up all your stuff, put it in the bag, and you are ready for the day. 

Crossbody bag

This bag is worn across your body, and it is absolutely hands-free. There is no struggle to carry it in your hands. You can have easy access to all your stuff. If you are a person who is very busy and has no time to turn, then this is for you. You don’t have to go search for your bag, because you can have it with you. It will never go out of style.

Tote bags

These bags are owned by most women. They are perfect if you are looking for one handbag to carry all your stuff. If you have to travel to multiple places, then this one will be ideal for you. This bag can be carried anywhere, and it still looks cool. 


These bags are very casually carried on one shoulder. Most teenage girls have this to carry their stuff with style. This can store all your essentials on your back. It is best for everyday purposes and even travelling. Backpacks make your travel easier and safer; say, if you go hiking, you can carry all your needs on your back. It also varies in size; you can pick one that you need. 

The day clutch

Clutches are more of a fashion statement. They are used only for special occasions. The day clutch gives you a casual look. It is ideal for a coffee date where you can carry all your stuff.

The evening clutch

 The evening clutch is best for parties and night outs. It has a touch of vintage to it. It will make you stand out in a huge crowd. They are available in different colours; find the one that fits your look. 

Sling bags 

If you are looking for something fashionable and also useful, then go for this. It is ideal for carrying all your essentials. You can carry it in many ways, across your body, over one shoulder or even around your waist. Sling bag for women is made easier to carry as they reduce back and neck pain. It is comfortable, and it also carries all your possible stuff. 

Wrap up 

Handbags are a must-have for every woman. There are a bunch of handbags to serve all your purposes. Choosing the right handbags is a skill. Before shopping for womens handbags, have this in mind to pick the best one.