Amazing things to know about the Scratch Maps

Amazing things to know about the Scratch Maps

 Travelling the world is an item on everyone’s bucket list. But unfortunately, most cannot pursue it ever in their life. But the ease of traveling and quick proceedings has made it possible for many to go on trips that they want. People are traveling around the world much more and they are exploring different parts of the world. Along with relaxation it also gives one knowledge about the world that is different from them. The traveling can be a backpacking tour or even a pleasure trip, it still is very important to anyone.

Some would be thrilled to do more after their first journey and have records of their further trips. A journal is great but an amazing way to do it is using scratch map. They can be a great decor piece that would definitely be a conversation started if someone discovers it.

What is a scratch map?

Scratch map is a poster of the map of the world or even a specific country or continent. The map has a foil layer on its top that can be scratched. The scratching would denote that they have been to the place and it reveals a beautiful design laying under the foil. The original scratch map was designed by Luckies of London in 2009 and since then they have trademarked the scratch map. There are several versions of it today that people can easily use at their home. Even if someone doesn’t scratch it, the map remains beautiful as a motivator to roam the world.

Some examples of the Scratch Maps:

The original was a world map but now there are many of them. So, let us look at some of the scratch maps that one can definitely get:

  • Scratch Map Deluxe is printed on good quality matte black paper and the foil is gold. It is more geographically detailed that the normal world map and some additional islands and cities are present on it.
  • Scratch Map Clear is printed on clear acetate paper with foil on it. It looks good on a darker wall to bring out its features.

People who love traveling should get a scratch map as their decor piece. One can also gift it to a person who loves traveling. There are a scratch map oceans which is perfect for a sailor or someone who works at the sea. One can have fun with scratch maps in many ways and it can be a great part of one’s home.

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