Australia on a budget trip

A trip to Australia is an expensive one. If you want to see the whole of Australia in one trip, that is undoubtedly going to burn a hole in your pocket. So, does that mean you should forget about your Aussie holiday? Definitely not. You can have the best trip in Australia well within a limited budget if you choose and plan accordingly. Freedom Australia advise taking a multi-centre approach to your trip down under to see everything you want. You may have to forget some luxury and let go of scuba diving plans or skip a few places, but the other things on the list will surely make up for them and leave you elated.  Read on to ideally plan a budget trip to Australia.

Australia as a country is quite large, and there are innumerable places to see. That is why many people fail to plan appropriately while deciding the areas to be visited. First, determine the duration of the holiday and then select the places on your list. Here are some suggestions about the places that can be on your list to let you have a pleasant trip. For amazing discounts on travel packages, use vouchers from HotOzCoupons.


The first stop on your list should be Sydney. It is because the city mostly offers free attractions to tourists and the rest won’t cost you much. Land at Sydney and explore the place to the fullest. It will beautifully kickstart your Australia trip. The quaint village of Sydney is very near to the harbour, and you can also see the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This area contains some of Sydney’s historic buildings that have a definite architectural style and are made of sandstone.

Moreover, walking down the cobblestone lanes on a quiet afternoon is quite a romantic experience. When you feel tired, enter the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, the oldest pub of Sydney for some chilled beer and lazily enjoy the evening. You can also walk down and aboard the ferry to take a ride across the Harbour Bridge, and Opera House lit up in the evening. After some light dinner, you can come back to Circular Quay from where you started the ferry and walk across the Harbour Bridge. Climbing the arch is very costly but walking on the bridge is absolutely free and offers another view which is seldom looked at. This is where you can save your money and yet have the experience of being on the Harbour Bridge of Sydney.

Blue Mountains

Why should you spend dollars on hiring a car when you can take a train from the Central Station at Sydney and get off at Katoomba to get a majestic view of the Blue Mountains that has been listed under the World Heritage wilderness sites. It takes about two hours to reach Katoomba from Sydney. This should be visited only by nature and adventure lovers as this can be quite hectic and challenging. The Giant Stairway trail from the cliffs to the base of the valley and back again can take you about three hours but offers breathtaking views. You can always choose to get a bird’s eye view from the top by riding the Scenic Cableway or Skyway. Rejuvenate yourself after the tiring journey at any of the old-world art deco cafes before you move to Sydney again.

Pacific Coast

Now for an experience of a lifetime, do not miss out on a heart-warming road trip in Australia. The roads in Australia are heavenly, and a road trip experience here is like a dream come true for those who love long drives. Take the Pacific Highway north of Sydney and head out for a long, relaxed and picturesque road trip.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast can let you have the ultimate beach experience in Australia. Though there are several theme parks and shopping malls to splurge, you can enjoy the azure sight from the beaches if you have a tight budget. This part of Australia is called the Surfer’s Paradise, and you will know the reason very well once you step on the soft sand being washed by the waves of the ocean.

Byron Bay

Lastly, this is one place that can fit into your itinerary while caring for your budget. Byron Bay has a lighthouse which lets you watch a spectacular sunrise from atop. You can also have some cheap breakfast around the lighthouse while enjoying the views. You can then head to the beach for kayaking or surfing or to chill out.

Everything is possible if you plan accordingly. So, select the places after some research, wisely plan the route and enjoy the best of Australia in a nutshell.