Best Regions of Italy

Italy frequently finds itself in the list of best places to visit in Europe and many people long to visit this beautiful country at some point in their lifetimes. Here is a list of some of the best regions to visit in Italy and some of the things you can expect to find there.


This northern region is one of best places to head for a real authentic slice of Italian living. It used to be the prime destination for those in the know but, after being featured in a number of different guidebooks, it is finding itself becoming increasingly popular.

The absolute number one reason to head to Emilia-Romagna is for the incredible food. Often called the culinary heart of Italy, you can expect some great dishes here. From ragù to parmigiano Reggiano, any foodie is going to find their appetite more than sated here.


Home to the beautiful city of Milan, Lombardy is Italy’s wealthiest region; as we would expect from somewhere that houses one of the world’s greatest wealths of fashion and industry. There is more to Lombardy than just this stunning city, however.

If you want to take a quick trip up to Switzerland then this is the place to do it from. You should also choose Lombardy if you are looking for Italian landscapes in all their natural beauty. This region is home to the stunning Lake Como and Lake Garda; perfect for a gorgeous getaway.



Illustrious home of the Italian Renaissance, this beautiful region has both Florence and Pisa within its borders. It is one of the most famous regions and delivers stunning food and wine all over the world. For a glimpse of Italian culture and heritage without taking a dive into the madness of Rome, you need to head to Tuscany. It can be busy and full of tourist but time your trip right and find the perfect hotel and you can still have the perfect holiday. Read more about this iconic region in this Tuscany destination guide.



The second most populous region of Italy has plenty to keep any tourist entertained. Island-hop over to Capri and Ishcia or settle down for a slice of crazy Italian life in the unmissable Naples. If you are a history buff, you are also not going to want to miss the chance to explore the famous ruins of Pompeii.

Campania is great for anyone wanting to experience southern Italy in full swing and there is plenty for you to see and do. If you want to be slightly more off the beaten track, you can head to Salerno for the same great feeling but fewer tourists.

These are but a few of the amazing regions Italy has to offer. Whether you are looking for a city break in the sun or a wine tour sipping the best chianti you have ever tasted, Italy has it all. With a long, rich history and plenty for you to explore, start planning your dream Italian tour today!