Casas Particulares in Cuba

Visiting Cuba is a unique experience and could be a wonderful adventure for anyone who wasn’t born in this beautiful Caribbean Island. If you know in advance its main tourist destinations your stay in a Casa Particular will be more pleasant and relaxing.

What is a Casa Particular?

When visiting a foreign country, where to stay will always be a question. Perhaps a preconceived idea can lead you to think in a hotel. In Cuba, of course, that possibility exists … but it is not the only one. In Cuba, staying in a Casa Particular is more than an option.

But what is a Casa Particular? It is a private accommodation where the owners rent one or more rooms, or even an independent part of the house. There are also completely independent casas particulares for guests who want more privacy and independence.

Most casas particulares on the island are houses where guests share common areas of the house with the Cuban family, feeling like one of them.

They could also be classified by their architecture: colonial, semi-colonial or modern. In colonial cities such as Trinidad and Old Havana, colonial houses abound. In Vedado neighbourhood and Varadero, for example, there are more contemporary style houses. It is up to you to choose the casa particular of your preference.

Why should you stay in a casa particular rather than a hotel?

  • First, the economic aspect: Casas Particulares are much cheaper than hotels. In addition, the fixed price is per room (not per person), allowing you to share expenses if you are a couple or group.
  • When you visit another country, you would not only want to discover new places but also the people. The best way to do this is by staying in a casa particular, because there you will spend most of your time with real Cubans and will know their lifestyle and culture.
  • The family that welcomes you can help in many ways during your stay. They, better than anyone, will guide and advise you on the sights in that city, which you should not miss.
  • You will get to know the real typical Cuban food as your hosts will prepare delicious dishes for your delight.
  • Staying in a casa particular will also make you enjoy much more space than in a hotel room. There you will share all the common areas of the house, terraces and balconies, patios and gardens, rooms. In any of these areas you can sit and talk or taste some typical drinks with your hosts or friends.
  • The treatment you will receive from the hosts will always be much more personal than in a hotel, because you will be part of the family and not just a customer.

Which casas particulares do we recommend?

If you choose casas particulares as the place to stay while in Cuba, then it would be useful to know some good choices in the main tourist destinations like Casa Particular Havana.

Check out our most up-to-date list of casas particulares!

Final words

The experience of staying in a casa particular in Cuba will be unique and unforgettable. You will be able to explore not only outstanding places of the main tourist destinations in Cuba, but also you will be in contact with the culture and lifestyle of the people in this beautiful Caribbean island.

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