Cleopatra Island In Marmaris

Cleopatra island also known as the Sedir island or the city island has a very rich history. The famous quote by Thoreau, “There is no remedy for love, but to love more” best explain the island history. According to history, after the legendary Roman general, proposing to the then queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, the queen who was madly in love with the general refuses to leave Egypt so that they can spend their honeymoon somewhere else. Looking for even a more romantic way to show the love of his life how madly she loved her, General Antonius orders a number of ships loaded with special white sands to be brought in to the island for them to make a paradise for themselves.

How bluer can an ocean be? Cleopatra island, located 18km north of Marmaris is famous for its golden sandy beaches with blue waters around it. This is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon, have a family visit, a getaway, and even spend some quality time with your friends enjoying the fresh mangrove atmosphere. The place also endowed with ancient ruins is the best place to get a picture for you, your family, and even friends that will help you have good memories of the best time spent together. With several signboards placed around the beach warning the visitors not to take any sand away from the beach, shows how the place is highly guarded and treasured by the locals.

Apart from the special sandy beaches, the island is also home to several stunning scenery that will leave you amazed, due to their unique shapes. The waters though salty are a perfect swimming place. The saltiness of the water helps you to float. When at Cleopatra island you are able to enjoy breath taking scenes of the ancient city ruins of Cedrae remnants. You can have a clear view of the beach from Crete island and also only from Sedir island of the Mediterranean sea. The pine around the area makes it have a beautiful and eye-catching landscape that attract thousands of visitors yearly.

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The annual Cleopatra tour marmaris which is held yearly starting from the month of may, gives you a guide around the captivating place. You can reach the place by first taking a ride through the pinewoods starting from Iclemer, Armutalan or through Marmaris which is a less than an hour drive through the woods to the Gokova bay. From this point you will sail using the traditional Turkish boats that will drop you at the golden sandy beaches.

Remember to pay the entrance fee which is inclusive of the umbrellas. The charges during your Cleopatra trip Marmaris is inclusive of the insurance cover, your transport to and from the magnificent five star hotels around, lunch on the boat, and English translation session. When coming remember to carry your own swimming suites because there are several events that you will be engaging in swimming being one of them. Also carry sunglasses for use during sunbathing and also body cream. There are additional charges during the tour too. Come and enjoy your stay at the island.