Contact The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari To Get More Fun & Entertainment

Contact The Abu Dhabi Desert Safari To Get More Fun & Entertainment


Are you in Abu Dhabi but missing to have desert safari? Don’t ever forget to have abu dhabi desert safari which is very popular in Dubai. It also attracts local people as well as tourists as it will be the favorite destination for the people who love adventure. This safari also allows the customers to choose their comfortable transportation to travel through desert or tourists can also desert on a camel. If you like adventure activities more, then you can select either wadi bashing or dune driving in Abu Dhabi.

Various Choices Available In Desert Safari:

There are many choices available in Abu Dhabi and some of the choices include Half Desert Safari, Desert Overnight, Full Day Desert Safari, Camel Trek and Sand Ski and customers can choose their convenient means for desert safari. The tour package of desert safari in Abu Dhabi offers barbeque meals which are continental as well as oriental while enjoying the belly dance performance of Arabians. You will surely get memorable moments by having all these amazing things.

For the people who are daring and love to enjoy thrilling desert can drive across the sand in deserts. Whereas if you are very adventurous, then there are some sports that you never miss to participate the sport named dune driving or Wadi bashing. Also in this drive, the driver will be made to pass via rocky riverbed. In addition to desert safari of Abu Dhabi, you can also enjoy Al khatim Desert Safari and Al Ain Desert Safari to have more fun as well as entertainment.

Detailed Information About Desert Safari:

This entire duration of the desert safari will be more enjoyable for each and every people who are participating in it whereas it offers an amazing blend of fun, adventure as well as enjoyment. Beginnings of the trip make you travel in a 4 wheel drive on the desert and you will be spending few minutes with ultimate fun by participating dine bashing. It also provides you more adventure as well as fun while driving dune buggy on the desert. After completing this, you will take for a drive for few minutes on the desert.

After the short drive, you will be allowed to enjoy the stunning beauty of nature and also allowed to view the sunset along with myriad colors in the sky at the night time. After all this, you will be offered delicious dinner which is made to be prepared by greatest chefs found across the world. While having dinner, you can enjoy many events like Belly dancing and more in Abu Dhabi. The desert safari is also made to be conducted in various timings and depending on that time.

Different Packages Available:

It was classified as Abu Dhabi Morning Safari, evening desert safari, overnight desert safari and more. This allows the tourists to choose their convenient one based on their availability. Some of the packages that are offered in Abu Dhabi include Abu Dhabi Morning Desert Safari, Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari, Abu Dhabi City Tour, Abu Dhabi Over Night Safari, Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise, Abu Dhabi Dune Bugy Safari, Abu Dhabi Sand Snow Sking and Abu Dhabi Dinner Safari as well.


Since there are much more fun as well as entertainment included in the desert safari, don’t ever miss the desert safari in Abu Dhabi while visiting Dubai. So book your convenient one to have more enjoyable time in the city and to create a more unforgettable moment. Also, enjoy every part of the safari with lot more fun and entertaining. You can contact them via phone or email to book your convenient desert safari!

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