Cubaaz: Personalizing Your Passport to Cuba

CUBAAZ is the groundbreaking touristic search engine that delivers the ultimate Cuban vacation.

Don’t book your trip to Cuba until you’ve checked out, the touristic search engine that personalizes your Cuban vacation to provide a unique travel experience that suits your interests. Cubaaz, the travel resource that focuses entirely on Cuba.

Last year, the doors to Cuba were flung open as the island nation put out the welcome mat for the world. The country that was controlled by Fidel Castro is no longer closed to Americans who, along with visitors from all over the globe, are seeking an opportunity that will make their travel experience smooth and memorable.

How do you get there? Where do you stay once you arrive? What should you do when you get there? That’s where Cubaaz, the ultimate twenty-first century travel agent, comes into play. is a groundbreaking touristic search engine that is solely dedicated to one place: Cuba.

Mickael Mosse is the man whose vision, experience and insight created Cubaaz. At ease in communicating in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese, Mossé’s versatility translates into a language that all travelers can understand. What Mossé describes as integrity of information is Cubaaz offering accommodations, international and domestic airline bookings, rental cars, tours, packaged travel bookings, excursion services with your own private driver and much more!

You’ll also have access to interactive travel forms providing reviews of travel-related content geared toward giving the traveler the kind of insights that can only come from a resource that knows Cuba well.

No graphically modified images here; Cubaaz is the real deal, a game-changer that’s designed exclusively with your destination and comfort in mind. Imagine a travel experience that’s customized for your interests, preferences, and wallet. Now you don’t have to imagine anymore because Cubaaz is your passport to Cuba as you’ve longed to see it. People who have planned and saved and dreamed of their vacation destination don’t want to be tied down; they want a travel process that’s easy to understand and to use. You can effortlessly organize your visit with the IOS and Android app, which contains a map of Cuba—available both online and offline—that shows you the tourist spots that you won’t want to miss.

Mossé knows that the real Cuba is going to entice visitors because of its natural charm. So what visitors to see is what they’ll get because the images come from the Cubans themselves, the people who know their island best.

Tourism in Mickael Mossé’s vision isn’t merely a matter of airport arrivals and departures, it’s nurturing a network of connections to the island by building its social infrastructure. The competition can’t make that claim.

In order to understand just how are going to facilitate your travel to Cuba, you need to meet the man whose vision has made Cubaaz such an innovative travel site. Mossé wants to make one thing clear: he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he made his own way. Self-educated, Mossé founded the First Real Transac group in 2013 and has advanced to the point where his international interests include real estate, cutting-edge technology, trade, and the import/export of international goods. He brings that knowledge to the newest tourist destination, Cuba.

More About Cubaaz:

Cubaaz is UK based start-up business to be launch in 2017, it is a tourist search engine, specialized in providing unique travel experiences in Cuba at affordable rates. The platform includes a peer-to-peer marketplace and homestay network, that enables people to list or rent short-term lodging in residential properties in Cuba. is a game changer designed exclusively with your destination and comfort in mind, is a ground-breaking Tourist Search Engine.

First of its kind in many ways and incredibly easy to use, Cubaaz is solely dedicated to Cuba. Not a jack of all trades but it’s a master in Cuba tourist spots, effortlessly offering;

It also includes interactive travel forums. Providing reviews of travel-related content. to give you the best and more that can make your travels a surely memorable one a unique and convenient way to visit Cuba.

Our Integrity of information is what we are proud of and can’t compromise. Unlike others, we can never falsify or modify information to lose its truth as that will be a betrayal of our customer trust. We hate cover ups and graphically modified images of places.


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What we show you is what is real, no matter how stunning or awesome it is, nothing less. Our images are taken by real Cubans on ground, not even google image. They inform on the place for you, giving you the best insights you can never get elsewhere. has an IOS and Android App through which it’s possible to organize the holidays. The App contains a touristic map of Cuba, available online and offline.