Delhi, a blend of all cities

Delhi, a blend of all cities

Delhi, the capital of India is a perfect blend of all. It is rich in not just the historic monuments but is also famous for the modernization hat has entered into India. The busy streets of Delhi are very famous for the roadside shopping as well as for the street food that it has to offer to one and all. The capital which has many monuments that date back to the Mughal Empire is today a city that has grown to be one of the most popular tourist sites.

Delhi never disappoints any traveler and is just the perfect combination of the olden traditions, the varied diversity in cultural background and the magnificent architecture. It is, therefore, a perfect place to observe how the history of then melts into the present era. It is also one of the most popular spots for anyone wanting to enjoy good theater and has several spots that are dedicated for theater and performing arts.

A Must go place while in Delhi is the ChandniChowk. ChandniChowk is one of the oldest markets that are present in Old Delhi. It is also a very important site from the historic point of view. It is a popular shopping site among the locals and also is famous outside India as well.

The history of this busy street dates back to the 17th century when it was constructed by a very renowned Mughal ruler, Shah Jahan. The market is located in the middle of the two of the most historically important sites, Red Fort and Fatehpuri Mosque.

One of the places that are easily reachable from Delhi is Mcleodganj. One can hire Delhi to Mcleodganj cabs and reach to this place in no time. A beautiful hill station, Mcleodganj is also known as Little Lhasa. Today, this place is famous as Tibetan Leader Dalai Lama’s home. One can observe Tibetan culture to a majority in this part of the country due to the wide settlement of Tibetans there. The greenery of the place, the calmness in the environment and the sound of Buddhist chants is a perfect combination to relax over the weekend.

This city has one of the best landscapes and the people can enjoy the scenery as well as explore the Tibetan culture in this place.

Another city that is in close proximity to Delhi is Patiala and one can hire a Delhi to Patiala taxi and get to this place. Once famous as a Princely state which was founded during the time of the Sidhu Dynasty by Baba Ala Singh, this city is beautifully filled with life and color in every corner of it. The city has been famous for its salwar, Patiala peg, jutti, music and today it is also very famous as the educational hub of Punjab. Patiala also has some beautiful architectural delight palaces which one can visit.

Another city with rich history and royalty embedded in every brick is Jaipur. One can get a Delhi to Jaipur car rental and get to this place. The city is filled with palaces that scream the stories of the past, forts, and temples and with them; Jaipur brings a splash of colors in someone’s life. Jaipur has a lot to offer from sharing the past informs on architecture delights to the food and the shopping.

Also known as the Pink City, one has to visit Amber Fort, HawaMahal, and JantarMantar while in Jaipur. Also, one can enjoy the shopping experience in Jaipur. All in all, Jaipur will be able to create a place in one’s heart as one colorful and warm city.

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