Horse Riding Voted Top Holiday Activity as Holidaymaker’s Love Affair with the Country Continues

With the summer holidays fast approaching, results from a recent survey have revealed the most popular outdoor activities people would be tempted to try while on holiday this year, and it seems holidaymakers love affair with country getaways is far from over with nearly a quarter (24{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}) stating that they wanted to try horse riding

The survey, conducted by Blue Chip Holidays asked 1,228 British residents who were holidaying in the UK this year what activities they would be most tempted to try while away.

The majority of respondents (24{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}) were keen to try horsing riding on holiday, whiling popular pastimes such as cycling and rambling also featured high on the list. Surprisingly, sailing was voted the most unpopular activity, with those aged between 25 and 65 earmarking sailing as the activity they’d be least tempted to try.

The results are below:

Which of these activities would you be most tempted to try whilst on holiday?

  1. Horse riding – 24{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}
  2. Cycling – 21{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}
  3. Rambling – 20{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}
  4. Surfing – 19{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}
  5. Sailing – 16{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}

Male participants bucked the trend, opting for cycling (24{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}) and surfing (21{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}) as their main holiday activities while women, perhaps due to the romantic notion of riding off into the sunset selected horse riding as their favorite activity to try with 26.5{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc} of the vote. Rambling (20.7{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}), cycling (19{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}) and surfing (18.7{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}) were other alternatives women would be keen to try.

Nearly a third (32{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc}) of those aged over 65 said that they’d like to spend their holiday time rambling in the picturesque countryside, with only 16.2{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc} of this age group tempted to try something more strenuous as cycling.

Brand & Communications Manager for Blue Chip Holidays, Tori Kirwan-Taylor said the survey indicated that country getaways were still the most popular holiday choice for UK residents wanting to get away this summer.

“The beautiful landscapes and fresh air offered in the pristine countryside across the UK is unbeatable and allows holiday-goers to relax or be active. The most tempting activities for UK residents are ones that can be enjoyed in the countryside – horse riding and rambling in particular. It looks like the British love affair with the great outdoors continues to grow.”