How Close Can You Get To The Stonehenge Monument?

Stonehenge is standing strong even after centuries. It is believed to be one of the oldest wonders of the World. Today, this ancient monument is one of the most famous tourist attractions of England, and every year over 1 million people visit the site. This is mainly the reason why tourists are no more allowed to walk freely within the inner stone circle.

After all, the monument is standing for over 5000 years, and it must get guarded well to ensure it is preserved well. Then again, this doesn’t mean you cannot get a closer look at the monument. 

If you have made proper arrangements in advance, you can legally walk within the inner circle of the monument, and even touch Stonehenge. If you have any more questions concerning getting a closer look at this marvelous monument, you can check Visit Stonehenge. It is a group consisting of travel writers who appreciate Stonehenge a lot and love to share everything about Stonehenge. Also, you can get sufficient details about booking discounted Stonehenge tickets here. 

How close can you get to Stonehenge on a regular tour?

Tourists visiting Stonehenge with regular tours, or people who are visiting on their own can check out the beauty of this historical monument from 10 meters. There is a low rope set up at the site. It acts as a guard and restricts people from getting too close to the monument. It is placed mindfully to ensure it doesn’t ruin your pictures. 

Before 1977, people were allowed to touch the stones freely. However, unfortunately, some visitors were carving names on the stones and even taking away small parts of the stone as a souvenir. Stonehenge was scanned to check how much it is damaged over time, and the damage was significant, and it was the visitors who caused major destruction.

Furthermore, there were even some carvings on the stones, but with time they faded because of constant touching. Even human contact reduced the growth of lichen surrounding the stone (that protected the stone), and as a result, stones started getting damaged because of pollution and other environmental factors.

Considering all this, it was decided that not every visitor can be allowed to get too close to the stones or touch them. After all, there will be 1 million people visiting the site every year, and thus the amount of potential damage will be huge. 

However, if you wish to touch the stones, you will need special access. Be prepared, these special tickets are super expensive. 

Punishment for touching Stonehenge

If you are anyhow planning to simply sneak into the inner circle of Stonehenge and touch the stones, be ready to either pay a hefty fine or get arrested. Stonehenge is a valued and historical monument, and if you end up destroying it, accidentally or intentionally, it will not be taken lightly.

To conclude, it is advised not to take part in any such activity. Touching stones of this ancient monument is considered illegal unless you have special access.