How to Prepare for a Climb to Mount Kilimanjaro’s Summit

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the tallest free-standing mountains in the whole world. As it has the height of 19,341 feet, climbing the mountain proves to be one of the greatest challenges that any mountain climber could ever face.  It has 5 different climate zones with different levels of difficulty.

Professional mountain climbers believe that even amateurs climbers can reach the summit. However, it would take days before they reach the top. People who are planning to take the challenge must be physically and mentally prepared.

In this article, we are going to give some tips on how you can successfully climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

  • Choose the best route

Before climbing the mountain, make sure that you have already decided on which route that you want to take. There are seven routes that you can choose from: the Machame Route, Marangu Route, Rongai Route, Shira Route, Umbwe Route, and the Lemosho Route. Once you have chosen your route, you can now start your preparations for the trek.

Some package treks guide you to camping grounds where you can rest for a short while. If you want to know more about these treks, you can get started here.

  • Be physically prepared

This second tip is important especially if you are going to take the Umbwe Route. The Umbwe Route is a challenging and demanding route. In order to prepare your body for the trek, you need to contact an experienced and professional mountain climber to train you. A professional is equipped with the right knowledge and skill to help you prepare your body for the long trek.

  • Be mentally prepared

Anything can happen during your trek, so you need to be always mentally present. Do not panic over small things. You should able to act immediately when the need arises.

You should also develop a positive disposition. It will take days before you can reach the top of the mountain, and the trek will not go well with the indisposed. It is important that you are confident about successfully reaching the summit.

  • Wear the right clothes

When climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you need to remember that you will be passing through 5 climate zones. Make sure that you bundle up before the trek.

If you want to pack light, you can wear all your clothes on top of each other. You don’t have to worry about sweating or smelling during the trek because the air is thin and cold. You can bring at least one complete set of hiking attire.

Another thing that you should remember is not to wear cotton. Cotton fabrics can cause chafing, especially in the rainforest zones.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, there are certain preparations that you should make first.  You need to train your mind and body for the long trek. It is also best that you get a tour guide to help you navigate the area.