Is Your Private Jet Charter Service Safe? Ask These Questions to Find Out!

When hiring private jet charter services in New Jersey, business professionals as well as families enquire primarily about the facilities that come with the service to ensure that they get the most value for their money.

Next time you choose private jet charter service, be sure to ask these safety questions:

  • Experience level and expertise of the pilot

Some New Jersey private jet services tend to hire pilots with less experience. While these pilots are willing to work for minimal salary, trusting them completely is not recommended. To avoid this situation, enquire about the team of pilots working with the charter service before hiring them. In general, it is recommended to work with pilots who have no lesser than 1,000 hours of flight experience (this mark varies from one service to another). Some companies tend to sell their services by pairing an experienced captain and an amateur co-pilot. While this may seem like an ideal match, there may be problems in situations that can arise where the captain is incapacitated.

  • Level and frequency of training offered to pilots

It depends on the pilots’ ability to handle emergency situations and how long they have been trained for. Top private charter services ensure that their pilot undergo simulator-based emergency training at least once a year.

  • What is the safety record maintained by the private jet charter service provider?

Find the safety rating that has been awarded to the charter company before hiring them. The company must be in adherence with all safety benchmarks set by industry administrators.  Another way to assess the safety factor for a charter service company is through scrutinizing safety reports from industry auditors or have them conduct an audit specifically for this purpose.

  • Can the company offer reviews and testimonials?

In addition to online research, you may ask the company directly for customer references. Talk to past customers to get their feedback.