Make the Holidays in Old Montreal Memorable with Dinner at Restaurant Sinclair

Make the Holidays in Old Montreal Memorable with Dinner at Restaurant Sinclair


The holidays are a special time.  Of course, this is a time for giving thanks and appreciating our family. It is a time of remembering faith and celebrating life.  It is a time of giving and receiving, of exchanging words and gifts of love and prosperity.  

It is also a time of wonderful seasonal food that you really can’t get any other time of the year.  And this is especially true of the holiday menu at hotel St-Sulpice’s Restaurant Sinclair, in Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  

The Restaurant Sinclair Holiday Menu from 2016 featured an exquisite series of delectable courses for a flat—and very reasonable–$50.  The prix fixe menu, though, did also have a few options available at any additional charge (noted, below).  Related image


    • creamy pumpkin soup with a Madagascar vanilla foam
    • Atlantic salmon graviax served with a Granny Smith apple espuna and coconut milk curry foam
    • Cannelloni of jellied fennel and Phillips crab served with a spicy mayonnaise, squid ink, and a citrus vinaigrette
    • Quebec foie gras mousse with a Kent mango chutney, gingerbread tile, and an apple liana jelly (add $2)


    • A confit of Australian lamb shank served Oriental style with bulgur, a spiced lamb jus, and star anise
    • Unilateral, cooked braised artichoke rouget and Prosciutto di Parma served with white radishes, butter, and a shredded Brussels sprout crumble
    • A roasted scampi over Arborio risotto paired with Parmesan and Kaffir Lime combawa and served with a fresh ginger emulsion (add $5)
    • A confit of Stanstead rabbit and ballotine with chorizo, sweet potato mash, sweet potato chips, and a carrot butter (add $8)
    • An oven-seared Quebec bison steak paired with an Aligot Migneron and sauteed porcini mushrooms with black truffle oil served with a Cipolinni and Canadian bacon chips and a Meux mustard spicy jus


Finally, the third course, for the 2016 Holiday menu featured soft chestnuts with melted dark chocolate and a hint of salted caramel.  Coffee and tea, of course, are always available, too.

Add a glass of wine or champagne, and this meal would definitely be something worth celebrating.

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