Pack for Your Mexican Desert Trip Properly

There is something about a desert that makes people want to visit it. It may be that we are trying to prove to ourselves or others that we can conquer it and prevail in it, or it may be seeking the hidden beauties of it. And Mexico may just be the epitome of deserts. There are a lot of reasons to visit Mexico, and the fascinating deserts are not the least of them.

Whatever the case may be, going into the desert unprepared is foolish at best and downright self-destructive at worst. Packing properly for any trip is essential, and it may prove to be lifesaving in the desert. Here are some of the essential things if you are planning to visit a Mexican (or any other for that matter) desert.


Water is essential for normal functioning of the human body. Whether you need to drink 8 cups of water or not is debatable, but you still do need to drink some water. We lose water through perspiration and urination, and perspiration is severely increased when you are in the dry heat common for deserts.

Calculate how long you want to stay and come up with the amount of water you will need. You can be fairly liberal and add 50% to that, just in case. It may be the heaviest thing you will bring with you, but it is also the most essential.

A Sturdy Vehicle

If you are planning to drive in the desert, you will need a specialized vehicle for that. The terrain you can expect is sandy and stony, which means you will need special tires and sturdy suspension, most likely a terrain vehicle will suit your needs.

Packing some essential spare parts and some extra fuel may sound like an overkill, but when you consider being stranded in the desert if your vehicle breaks, the alternative sounds a lot better. Just remember that you will need a special car insurance to drive in Mexico, so don’t leave without it.

Adequate Clothing

When you think desert, your mind goes to scorching heat and possibly a cactus. However, deserts can pack quite a variety of different weathers, including strong winds and even thunderstorms. But the majority of the time, you will just be really hot. That’s why you will need to pack a lot of light clothes which cover your skin as much as possible to avoid sunburns. Sunglasses, a hat, and a generous dose of sunscreen should see you through the day.

The nigh can be a completely different matter, though. The temperature can plummet drastically and you will need some warmer clothes and a sleeping bag to go with it. A reflective blanket is ideal because it can keep you cool during the day, warm during the night and it can be folded to be small and light.

An External Battery

Also known as an external phone charger, what it actually is is a big battery which you can use to charge your electronics. There are different sizes, depending on your needs, but they will all provide you at least one more battery charge without an outlet near you.

It may be useful for keeping your phone charged to take pictures of amazing landscapes you will undoubtedly see, but it becomes indispensable if you find yourself stranded in the desert and you need to call for help.

A Map and a Compass

Not electronic maps of your choice, those will become inaccessible if your phone battery runs out, a physical paper map of the region you are traveling through. Pair it with a compass and it is really hard to get lost. Make sure to learn how to use both of them before you set off.

Deserts are beautiful, but unforgiving, which is why you need to be prepared for anything and everything it has to throw at you. With proper preparation, you can conquer it and make it reveal its beauties to you.