Safe and stress free way to travel in a new city

People who happen to travel a lot have many stories to tell regarding their misadventures that happened with them in various cities on their first visit. It is just because you do not do a bit of extra planning regarding the most essential part of your travel that is hiring a car. You must consider this fact before commencing your tour as how to have safest car rentals in the various cities you plan to visit during your tour.

How to find the safest car rentals?

  • It is always better to look forward for the reputed car rental companies who have business spread all over the world. Such companies never compromise on the car experience given to their customer. They select their drivers with a lot of research and most of the time drivers are the owners of the car themselves. Hence, they do not want to let down their reputation in the company by misbehaving or doing anything which may get them bad reputation in the company. Further, such companies ask their customers to rate their ride experience. On your rating of the driver, the driver is going to have bonus points which may fetch him some extra money from the company. Thus, hiring a reputed company ensures a safe passage to you in the new city.
  • In order to ensure a safe and trouble free travel you must ensure that the car you are renting is free from any type of damage. You must take a photograph of the car before riding the car. You must checkout whether your insurance company covers you here in this city or not.
  • If you are renting a car without a driver then you must checkout from the booking counter as when the car got its last servicing. If they are not able to answer your question then you have every reason to be suspicious over the conditions of the car. Further, you must find out as whom you should call in case your car brakes down. You must feed the number in the phone and you should also feed the number of the rental company in your mobile.  
  • You should take the photo graph of the car from the various angels and checkout for any damage done previously; you must note it down and inform the representative of the damage. Further, you should checkout how much the car has traveled before. If the car has traveled more than 25,000 km then the car is termed as old car. Such car are likely to give you trouble while driving. It is better to replace the car with a new car. You must checkout for the status of the tires and you must ensure that the spare tire is in good condition and the tools required for the change of the tier are also available in the car. You can go for further check of the engine oil status of the car. Make sure that all the papers of the car along with insurance papers are complete and the car is within insurance period.