Six Great Lounges in Delhi That Offer Exclusive Deals

The major reason why most people do not party and go out every day is that restaurants are becoming very expensive. If that had not been a problem, then probably every person would have gone to lounges each day and danced their worries away.

Going out every weekend and partying can be quite expensive sometimes, especially when you are going out to drink. A single drink with a side dish can sometimes cost you more bucks than an entire meal in another restaurant. But there are many such lounges in Delhi that give out many offers and discounts to regularly attract customers.

Here are the 6 Lounges in the capital city which offer exclusive deals so that money and bills are never a problem for you:

The Classroom– This lounge is one of the most popular places to party. The Classroom Gurgaon has a very attractive decor and makes you take a trip down memory lane. The entire bar is made to look like a school canteen and you will feel like you are hanging out with your friends in your school once again. If you check out the menu of this place, you will see that it serves varieties of dishes in North Indian, Persian, Asian and Italian cuisine. Various offers from time to time are introduced to attract more and more customers.

Excuse Me Boss– This popular lounge is known for its delicious food and a wide variety of great drinks. The ambience is quite catchy with musical instruments adorning the walls. In addition to just food and drinks, this place also serves different flavours of hookah. With live energetic music, this is a place which is famous for its energetic vibes. Depending on what you order, there are several types of different offers available at your advantage.

BoomBox Cafe– With the chartbuster English songs playing in the lounge along with delectable culinary delights, this place has it all. Entire cafe is based on a music theme and even houses a brewery of its own. On certain days and selective orders, the place offers a large amount of discount to the customers. The ambience of the place is quite impressive as the lighting casts a glittering effect in the entire place.

Raftaar High Speed– The Raftaar High Speed is one of the luxury lounges in the city. It is a major attraction for food lovers who enjoy great food with good drinks. This place has three floors and each floor provides a unique experience to the customers. The first floor has an ambience of sporty bikes, the second floor has the ambience of classy cars and the third has a dining area by the swimming pool. This place too offers some great offers and combo packages to the customers.

Ghungroo– Located on the busy Club Road of Delhi, this place is ideal if you are looking forward to throwing a party on certain occasions in a luxurious ambience with delicious food. In addition to the lovely bar, this place also has a lovely dance area where the upbeat music makes you boost with energy. This place offers certain party packages and combo offers to several customers from time to time.

Pebble Street– This is one of those places in Connaught Place that are very pocket-friendly. It has eating and pub set up with a European ambience. With peppy vibes and great food on an economical value, this is a must visit lounge to go to.

So now, do not get sad if you feel like partying and have no money. These places are going to assist you and provide you with a great experience at economical price range.