South Island Spots That Will Make Social Media Followers Jealous

South Island Spots That Will Make Social Media Followers Jealous

There’s no denying that both the north and south islands of New Zealand have incredible natural sites that offer those rare “only a few times in a lifetime” level of beautiful photographs. There’s a reason this country is renowned for its beautiful natural scenery, and even a short drive through the countryside makes it obvious why camping is such a major national pastime. If you want to see some of the finest and most beautiful spots the South Island has to offer, then take care of your campervan hire New Zealand and get ready to collect a series of shots that will make all your Instagram or Pinterest followers jealous!

The Purakaunui Waterfalls

Touted as the most photographed waterfalls in all of New Zealand, it doesn’t take long at all to see why Purakaunui Waterfalls is so popular. Located in the Catlins region of the South Island of New Zealand, which is known for its waterfalls, these stand out even among the others and put up a dazzling display especially when the water level is running at the full levels. Definitely worth a stop!

Milford Sound

One of the wettest places in all of New Zealand, Milford Sound is famous for incredible fjords, so many different types of waterfalls, luscious & healthy plant life, and plenty of wildlife. Located specifically in Fiordland National Park, these landscapes of mountains, rainforest, and more are just fantastic, making Milford Sound one of the most visited areas in all of Oceania…and for very good reason!

Glenorchy-Queenstown Road

This is a bit of a cheat since it encompasses an entire 45 kilometres but a drive from Glenorchy to Queenstown (or vice-versa) will quickly reveal why. Whether enjoying Bennett’s Bluff, Lake Wakatipu, or any other stretch of that road, this winds through some of the most scenic land in all of New Zealand and that is really saying something. While it’s hard to choose a specific best spot, if you’re limited in time make a beeline for Bennett’s bluff. You won’t be sorry with that decision.

Church of the Good Shepherd

You have seen night time pictures of the Church of the Good Shepherd, even if you don’t know it. Remember a little stone church in the country with the sky just exploding brilliantly in stars? Whether in a magazine, online, or as a screensaver/desktop background, this small little humble church is one of the most photogenic in the world – especially at night. More of a chapel than a church, it is located in Tekapo’s international dark sky reserve, making it the perfect location for photographing stunning pictures of the starry evening sky.

This is an international tourist site, especially for astronomers and astro-photographers so don’t be surprised if even at midnight there are plenty of others sharing the absolutely breathtakingly beautiful views of heavenly skies along with you.

Lake Pukaki

Mimicking the finest pictures of the Alps in Europe, Lake Pukaki features stunningly blue crystal clear lakes, mountainous backgrounds, and plenty of angles to get another stunning photograph. What more can you ask for?

Devil’s Punchbowl Waterfall

The Purakaunui Waterfalls might be more photographed but at an impressive 131 meters in height the Devil’s Punchbowl Waterfall is the largest and most impressive waterfall not only on the Southern Island, but in all of New Zealand. Definitely worth a visit, you will need some good rain slacks since you’ll be getting wet to get those best shots!

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