The Amazing Capacity of a Mini RV

Camping and self-driving holidays used to be quite a rugged affair, with a vehicle that contained the very basic amenities at the best of times, and more often than not, you would have to pitch your tent every night and start a fire from which to cook. While all this might sound adventurous, it certainly isn’t convenient, and over the years, vehicle design has seen some amazing improvements.

  • Sleeps up to Four Adults – When thinking of small RV rental, one might imagine something very cramped, but the truth is, with a roof top extension, the vehicle can comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults, making it perfect for a two child family. Two can sleep inside, as the seating folds down to make a double bed, and with two people sleeping below the stars, you have the ideal family accommodation that you would not expect from such a vehicle.


  • Fridge and Double Gas Burner – Cooking is certainly not a problem when you rent a camper, as they have a double gas burner for the cooking, and a fair sized fridge in which to keep all your provisions. If you currently live in America, simply Google the words, “RV rental near me” and you will be directed to the website of an established company that offers cheap RV rentals.


  • Interior Dining Area – While it is nice to set up the picnic table outside, you also have a dining area in the vehicle, with the seats that fold down to reveal a table that accommodates four. When you rent a camper, there are so many other things that come with the package, so all you really needs to bring along are your personal possessions. . If you are from another part of the world and would like to experience a different country, you can rent an RV in USA via their website, and once you have made the booking, your vehicle will be fuelled up and waiting at the agreed pick-up location.


  • Water Tank and Sink – Aside from having a sink to wash your face or the dishes, there is also a 20-litre water storage tank, along with a 25-litre waste water tank, giving you complete independence.


  • Optional Kitchen Kit – Rather than bring all your own items, this handy kitchen kit contains everything you need for cooking and entertaining, with a frying pan, pots, kitchen utensils, cutlery and crockery, and they even give you a set of dish towels. All of this is stored neatly at the rear of the vehicle, and along with your double gas burners, you and your family will enjoy great home-made food, whenever you decide to stop and eat.


  • Multi-media – There would be a DVD player, so you can watch a movie if it’s raining, and with a CD player and a radio, music is always on tap.

All of the above and a little more can be securely stored away when not in use, and once you get the hang of things, it really is very easy to live a comfortable life on the road.