Things to enjoy during Easter in the Maldives

Things to enjoy during Easter in the Maldives

A festival full of joy, laughter,andwonders, Easter is a festival close to people’s hearts,and it is a well-celebrated event. This festival is very well celebrated at the Maldives and is made as fun as possible for tourists. Many resorts even have packages separately dedicated to Easter. Here are the following things you will get to enjoy at the time of Easter in Maldives:


The theme is always a must watch. Easter is so joyously celebrated at the Maldives that there are cuisines made as per the theme of the festival. Mostly there are many dishes related to egg and fishes and are verycolorful and delicious like Deep-fried Breadfruit Maldivian fish curry. Even chocolate dishes are served in egg shapes with ethnic designs on top. These types of dishes even amaze children because kids are to be kept entertained and joyful on their trip as well. The goal is to surround you with the excitement of Easter; hence they leave no stones unturned.


Resorts at the Maldives have so much to offer. Private pools, Barbeques, villas with landscaped gardens,etc. are provided to guests so that they can make the best out of this trip. Imagine what a scene it would be when the same gorgeous scenery is totally dedicated to Easter. There are decorations based on Easter theme, dining, cutleries, costumes and in some cases even the furniture. The Maldives has always outdone itself and will keep surprising people in days to come.


From music to dance, fashion and food, all activities are focused on Easter. There are even egg-hunting games for children. The activities are made keeping in mind the aspect of family time. There are tennis, water sports and marine exploration experiences that will make the trip best of the best. You can even enjoy other experiences like canoeing, kite surfing, banana boat rides,and parasailing. Because of Easter enthusiasm, there are heavy discounts as well so that the true festive spirit of the guests stays intact.

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