Top 8 Boston Attractions that are Worth a Visit

Irrespective of how many times you have visited Boston, if you plan a trip there, it will only be complete with visiting these top 8 attractions that make Boston special.

You will need about three days to cover them all, and these attractions will allow you to explore the city’s history, beauty and culture.

Travel bloggers like James Smith encourage travelers to visit the main attractions of Boston to understand the city’s true beauty.

There are many Boston landmarks that you must include in your list, as well as restaurants, bars and cafes that are worth the visit. To know more about Boston and its attractions, visit the blog only by land.

Top 8 landmarks to explore in Boston

1. Freedom Trail

If you are passionate about history, this 2.5-mile-long walking trail will please you. There are several historic neighborhoods surrounding the track that are worth exploring. Also, the restaurants and cafes you will find along the way are great to grab a bite.

2. Fenway Park

It would help if you visited America’s oldest and smallest ballpark to understand Boston’s passion for sports.

Try to attend a Red Sox game and enjoy wearing Red Sox apparel with countless fans.

Nevertheless, if Red Sox is away during your visit, you can still visit the park and check out other ongoing events. There is always something to entertain the visitors.

3. Theater District

Enjoy your time visiting some of the beautifully restored historic theatres of Boston. The Theater District is lined with many theatres, and the most famous ones – Blue Man Group and Shear Magic run shows almost every night.

4. Museum of Fine Arts (MFA)

You can spend almost an entire day at the MFA. However, if you are on a tight schedule, start with Art of the Americas – a wing dedicated to displaying treasures from North, South and Central America.

5. Public Garden

If visiting gardens is not your thing, the Public Garden of Boston will change your mind. You can spend an hour or two here and enjoy a soothing 15-minute Swan Boat Ride there.

6. New England Aquarium

This is an attraction that pleases both – solo travelers and families alike. It is one of the city’s top attractions, and tourists and the locals love it equally.

If the weather doesn’t allow you to explore other attractions, spending time in the New England Aquarium will be worth it. You can spend time here playing with penguins, meet and greet seals and sea lions, etc.

7. Beacon Hill

It is Boston’s most historic neighborhood. You will spot many Freedom Trail and Black Heritage sites in this area. Some of the city’s classiest restaurants and boutiques are located here.

8. Newbury Street

Finally, visiting Newbury Street is a must if you are all about shopping and eating. The place has many designer fashion boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, cafes, etc.

While this list barely covers what Boston offers visitors, it surely contains some worth-visiting spots. So, when you are in Boston, visit the landmarks mentioned here.