What services do event planners provide?

What Do Event Planners Do: A Closer Look | Vario

To fulfill a common objective people meet, discuss, and celebrate events. These events can be the destination wedding planning or the business seminar or else it can be an academic program. Amongst all these different events there is one thing common. Yes, each of these events needs diligent planning. A professional event planner can plan these events in a way to make it an unforgettable event for the audience.

What types of events does an Event Planner Organize?

There are three broad categories of events that an event planner organizes viz. Private events, Corporate events, and Fund Raising events also called Charity Events.

  • Private Events are organized for some special occasions of celebrations. Close friends and relatives are often invited to attend these functions. The events are not open to the public. Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Festival celebrations, and Destination Wedding planning, are some of the examples of Private Events that an event planner can organize.
  • Corporate events are official in nature and are usually arranged by the business owners to create new business opportunities or build relationships with customers and suppliers. They can be in the form of Conferences, Dinners, Seminars, Product launch, and Annual Communication meets with the employees, etc.
  • Fundraising events are organized to raise the funds for the charity to support a specific cause. They can be in the form of a Sports event, Entertainment program, Art exhibition, and Auctions, etc.

What does an Event Planner do?

The event planners use their creativity and technical skills to plan and execute some unique activities to make the event special. There are a lot of activities that an event planner does for the clients. Some of them include:

  • Meeting with the customer to understand the Purpose, Agenda, and Limit (PAL) of the event.
    • Through PAL the planner understands the scope of the program, identifies the location, fixes time, and estimates the event cost.
  • Finalizing the detailed plan of activities and also the location based on these activities.
    • Contacting and negotiating with different vendors like venue owners, caterers, photographers, entertainers, and so on.
    • Visiting location to ensure the suitability of the location according to the event activities.
  • Arranging and coordinating lodging, transportation, and catering services for the attendees.
  • Supervising the entire event to ensure the client’s satisfaction.
  • Settling all accounts.

Final Words

Be it a Business Seminar or a Destination Wedding planning, an event planner makes sure that the audience attending the event leaves the venue having the most cherished memories of the event. Proper planning and effective communication with the planner can really transform a simple show into a mega event to be remembered by all the attendees for the years to come.