What To Expect At Walking Tours Of Rome City

Walking Tours of Rome is coming up as the finest way of savoring the core essence of this magnanimous city having great historic significance. Since the city has an extensive lanes and bypass network, the major portion of it may go unexplored if you are travelling around in bus or other means of transport. So, to give the experience of lifetime to the visitors, many companies have come up with walking tours. Many of the tourist destinations are spread on different corners of the city, and so, walking tours can be divided into days where each day will cover a couple of these tourist attractions. Listed here are a few of the walk tours destinations you can expect to visit at Rome:

  1. Walk from Spanish Steps to Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is the place in Rome that is always buzzing with action. When you are at famous Spanish Steps, walk to the Trevi Fountain. The distance between Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain is short, but it is jam packed most of the times; thus, it becomes difficult to hop on the vehicle and reach Trevi Fountain without wasting time. Thus, walk the distance off to enjoy this visit better.

  1. Walk to Villa Borghese

Walking to Villa Borghese is the best way to chill out in Rome. This destination is actually a big public park and has numerous interesting spots en route. So, the walking to Borghese gallery is a big tour in itself where you can take a number of detours; one most interesting would be Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre that has witnessed many stage shows and plays in the past.

  1. Trevi Fountain to The Pantheon

This walking route will provide you a gastronomic experience at Piazza Novana where authentic Italian flavor of pizzas is going to pamper your taste buds. Also, you will have ample scope to shop at Campo de’ Fiori market on your way back from Pantheon. Thus, you shop, eat, stroll and experience Rome i.e. the true flavors of it on this walk way.

  1. The Pantheon to Vatican City

Taking a walk to the Pantheon to Vatican City is mainly done to avoid traffic. This trip to holy city can be completed in a few minutes. There is another way to reach Vatican City from the Pantheon via Piazza Novana. Many of the food tour specialists include this route in their gastronomic tour of city of Rome.

  1. Trastevere to Capitoline Hill

This walking tour takes the tourists to famous ruins of the Rome. Capitoline Hill makes an awesome destination of this trip and has lots to offer to the lovers of adventure and History. If you want a longer route to cover, then you can extend this walking tour to famous Colosseum.

So, the walking tours are a hit amongst travelers who come to Rome city first time and lay emphasis on doing things the way Romans do. These tours give a better view of the city and help you make memorable discoveries which are not so easily possible while travelling through bus or car.