What to Know About Dirt Bike Riding Gear – A Detailed Guide

There are two categories of travelers, some love to explore places with proper planning, Be it from booking tickets to reservation in the hotels, all is pre planned. Their prime motive is to explore places, relax and recreate their vacation in a beautiful memoir. But there are some travelers whose prime motive is adventure, so they prefer to travel via off-road vehicles or motorcycles. Their prime motive is to feel the adventure. Motorcycle adventure can become more adventurous if you customize your bike more travel-friendly, also there are a lot of aftermarket motorcycle parts which can change the look of your bike but in this article,  we will talk about dirt bike riding gear. While you’re buying aftermarket motorcycle parts, make sure you also grab all the necessary gear you need for your dirt bike adventures. Below are top-selling pieces of dirt bike gear that provide paramount safety so you can truly enjoy a stress-free ride.

Alpinestars Bionic Chest Protector

The Alpinestars Bionic Chest Protector is part of the collection of the best dirt bike riding gear on the market. adds another layer of heavy-duty protection, yet at the same time, it’s lightweight and fits comfortably under your clothes.This maximum safety and light weight come from the shells that are made of polymeric material blend. Additionally, the protector plates’ grid design and the shells’ air channels and perforated sections provide optimal air circulation. Each of the shoulder, chest and back plates are rigorously tested for safety and approved by CE.

Among the customizable features are an adjustable kidney belt and shoulder protectors and removable upper back padding. To activate the bionic neck support, simply tug the BNS puller. No matter how you wear the protector, the bio foam chassis offers soft padding and molds to fit your body’s unique shape. Over your lower rib area, you’ll see the thermoformed padding with complete coverage. Finally, three bridge fasteners attach the side wings on the front to the chest protector. This gives the wings the freedom to move with your body instead of staying in a fixed position.

Scott Prospect SR Military Goggles

Keep your vision sharp with the Scott Prospect SR Military Goggles. The lens is the True View lens you know and trust from Scott. As always, it has Lens Lock, won’t fog up and will give you 100% UV protection. It’s surrounded by three layers of foam that stop sweat from running in your eyes. Plus, its large size ensures a broad field of vision. This lens is a greenish yellow chrome, but you’ll receive a clear lens in the package if you want to change it out. The silicone bands and articulated outriggers hold the goggles tightly to your helmet so everything stays right where you want it.

Garmin Fenix 5X Watch

The Garmin fenix 5X Watch ismore than just a way to see the time. Right on your wrist, you can have a GLONASS satellite receiver and GPS that are specially designed for off-road terrains. As a bonus, the watch also comes with thousands of digital maps featuring golf courses and biking paths. Access details about your rides, sleep, number of steps, calories burned and heart rate. The sapphire watch allows you to connect to Wi-Fi and sync your watch to Garmin Connect.

The Garmin Chroma display is in color, and its transreflective property makes it readable even in direct sunlight. Because of the LELD backlights, you won’t have trouble reading the display in the dark, either. Customize your watch’s look with either a sapphire or glass lens and silicone, metal or leather QuickFit Bands. This watch is everything you need in one portable device.

Pair these pieces of dirt bike gear with OEM motorcycle parts, and you’ll be more than prepared to blaze new trails on unforgettable excursions. Don’t wait to enhance your dirt biking experience; call a team member today to place your order and receive it quickly.