Why visiting Australia should be on the Top of your Bucket List

As wide as Australia is, as wide are the varieties of choices you have to make to get the chance and scent at least a bit of its mesmerizing beauty.

This means that any kind of holiday wishes that you may have Australia sure can please.  Do you long for a perfect, lazy days on the ocean beach or adventurous travel in the mountains? Quiet sunny days by the lake or crazy summer nights in a hot city? Anything you want you can get and it will be even better that you can ever imagine.

The mysterious land with a magical soul is the next big experience that will change your way of life for good.

Melbourne will Make you Feel Very Much Alive

Melbourne offers a unique experience. The laidback and feel-good vibe is unbeatable. You will have access to an amazing food,  plenty of music events and cultural festivals, a variety of nightlife, and a more down to earth atmosphere in the heart of the city.

One of the most livable cities in the world waits for you with a promise that you will be hooked the minute you step foot in it. It truly is a buzzing city with so much going on all the time.

Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia. It is known for its celebration and expression of art, therefore, offering a modern music, museums, festivals and events for the ever-indulging consumers of art.

You can find a very good hotel deals and stay in the best Melbourne CBD hotel for a real city experience. Therefore, this is an ultimate place for those who appreciate a good trendy café, restaurant or a cocktail bar while enjoying the good vibes of the city.

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The Vivid Festival is a Must-see

A showcase of lights, music, and artistic ideas make the Vivid festival one of a kind. It is an annual festival that takes place in Sydney during three weeks in late May through early June. The festival grows more elaborate with each passing year and lights up the landmarks of Sydney. The Harbour Bridge, Opera House, and Central Business District are transformed in a magical fairytale.

The Vivid festival is free for every visitor and gives a festive atmosphere to the entire city. People from whole world come every year to see the lights from the coast and by boat. Don’t miss the chance to be in the center of the event and book the best accommodation in Sydney with a great restraurant.  

Meet the Cutest Animals in Person

Australia is known to be the home of a number of endemic species. Most of them are known to be very friendly animals and form a great relationship with people. Making some new animal-friends is the most amazing memory you’ll get to make in Australia.

Kangaroos are known to be your new sunbathing friends on the most mesmerizing azure-blue beaches you’ve ever been to. Offer them to share a snack and they will love you.

The world’s most famous marsupials and one of the most adorable animals are as huggable as they look. Petting and holding those little koalas in your hands will melt your heart, I promise.

You cannot even imagine how friendly and loving sea lions and dolphins are to people. This free and wild sea mammals will freely interact with you, not even enticed by food or anything. Don’t hesitate to visit the Baird Bay Ocean Eco for an experience you will never forget. The conditions are wild and free but you can give your best shot for an incredible interaction to happen with either the sea lions or dolphins, or at its very best both of them.

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New Year’s Eve on the Beach

If you come from a country that’s above the equator you probably wondered how is like to spend the Christmas holidays on the beach. No Santa Clause, no snowy cold nights and big Christmas tree next to the fireplace.

Forget all about the western traditional way of celebrating. Put on your bikini and have a wild New Year’s Eve on the beach with an exotic cocktail in your hand. It will be the start of a year to remember and believe me you would want to do it again.

A Road Trip to Remember

Australia is the best country for a long, carefree road trip. Do you want a long ride surrounded by only the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen?  Do you like the feeling that you’ve traveled for hours and still you don’t move on the map? It gives you a feeling of freedom and a chance to be surprised with something amazing around every turning on the road.

Instead of flying from point A to B and missing everything in between, the journey becomes just as memorable as the destination. Road tripping in Australia means blue ocean beaches, beautiful wild nature, national parks teeming with wildlife. Take as many months as you can spare and make it a journey to remember.