12 Forts in Maharashtra You Have to See to Believe

12 Forts in Maharashtra You Have to See to Believe

With more than 350 monumental forts spread across the state, Maharashtra is a phenomenal place to tour for experiencing its glorious past.  A name that literally translates to ‘Great Nation’, the state of Maharashtra is a splendid one indeed. So we bring you a list of awesome and spectacular forts in Maharashtra that will completely enchant you! And if you are looking for a ride to these awesome locations, you can easily find a motorcycle rental in Pune or in Mumbai at cheap price experience the glorious past that Maharashtra still holds. Let’s get to it then!

Lohagadh Fort

Location: Lonavala

Found 52 km northwest of Pune, the fortress sits at a rise of 1,033 m. In 1648 CE, the fortress was caught by Shivaji, which was then caught by Mughals in 1665 CE. In 1670 CE, ShivajiMaharaj caught the post again and he utilized it to store his treasury plundered from Surat. An awesome place indeed.

Janjira Fort

Location: Murud

Janjira fort, which is mainstream as Murud Fort, is situated in Murud town of Maharashtra. Among the most noteworthy fortifications close to Pune, Janjira is encompassed by water on all sides. Worked by Malik Ambar towards the close of the seventeenth century, the stronghold mirrors the wonders of beautiful design.

Daulatabad Fort

Location: Daulatabad

Daulatabad Fort, which is otherwise called Devagiri was built in the fourteenth century. Arranged at a separation of 16 km northwest of Aurangabad, this fortress is viewed as one of the seven miracles of Maharashtra.

Raigadh Fort

Location: Raigadh

Situated at anamazing height of 820 m, Raigadh Fort is roosted on the lavish green Sahyadri mountain pass. Climbing 1737 steps will take you to the post, which offers marvellous perspectives of the valley down below. A standout amongst the most well-known fortifications in Maharashtra, it was viewed as the most secure post in the whole area.

Shaniwar Wada Fort

Location: Pune

Shanivar Wada stronghold was the seat of the Maratha Empirefrom 1730 to 1818. Among the most beautiful strongholds in Pune, this one holds an uncommon and an imperative place in Indian history. It was worked on by the Peshwas of Chhatrapati.

Yashwantgarh Fort

Location: Khalchikar

Located close to the Maharashtra-Goa border, the Yashwantgadhfort is for the most part in ruins now. Otherwise called Redi fort, it was constructed by the Marathas in the sixteenth century. The fortification was caught by the British in 1765, who later sold the land to local people in 1890. A great and spectacular Fort, it falls just short of 240km from Pune, which is great if you want to rent a Royal Enfield online Mumbai or rent a Bajaj Pulsar too.

Sindhudurg Fort

Location: Malvan

Sindhugarh stronghold was built by ShivajiMaharaj in 1664-67 AD. It is said that he specifically chose this area. The most stunning component of the stronghold is that its establishment stones are set down solidly in liquid lead. The strong dividers and delightful portals of this fortification influence it to look completely grand. With a 4-km long, 9-km tall strong crisscross divider, this is among the best safeguarded strongholds in Maharashtra.

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