Scrumptious Boston Food to Enjoy Once Without Fail

You are a foreigner travelling to Boston on a business trip. The trip requires you to stay for a couple of weeks. What to eat? Well, the simple solution is to book for food tour Boston package. You will get to enjoy the local cult dishes in a couple of hours, at one place.

Boston has some traditional unforgettable recipes, which must not be missed. Below is a list of Cuisines you will enjoy at the Boston food tour.

Boston cream pie

This recipe is Parker House original and regarded as a gift to culinary world. The pastry cream covered with chocolate has been attracting crowds since 1856.

Brown butter lobster roll

You will enjoy the lobster role in Boston. Tender lobster mean is tossed around in lemon vinaigrette and brown butter. It is served in steamed bun, which soaks last droplet of the rich and crispy dressing.


Torta includes a crusty sandwich piled high with desired beans, meat, pickled onions, avocado, melted Oaxaca cheese, and mayo. It is addictive.

Italian Cheeze pizza

Tasty pie and chewy crust with melty Italian cheese along with desired toppings is awesome. It has made even non-food enthusiasts crazy.


Food tours Boston services offer their guests different kinds of burgers. You need to opt for the preferred toppers and enjoy your munch.

Boson also has many fine restaurants and bars, which provide appetizing food. Some places to try are given below.

Modern Pastry offers the best Cannoli. It is crispy and has chewy shell which includes homemade ricotta cream. You get to enjoy different toppings and flavors. In addition, the price is not huge.

At Rosebuds, you will enjoy pies. Seasons dictate flavors. However, the classics of this kitchen and bar are apple and strawberry rhubarb. Pack a bag of pie as gift for your family and watch them enjoy the dessert.

Mistrals popular dish is roasted rack of Colorado lamb. First you nibble straight through the roasted meat till you get caught in trying to suck the bone. Actually, the well-seasoned juices dominate your brain and make you attack the grilled Colorado lamb on your plate.

Boston food tours booking can be done online. So, make sure you enjoy the local cuisine!

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