4 Top Travel Tips for India in 2017

India is one of the most Exciting Country in the whole world because of it’s culture and Diversity! You will mark change in language even if you travel for few hundred Miles! For example, In Gujarat, if you will Travel from Ahmedabad to Surat, you will see that there is huge change in how people speak with each other.

India is also popular for it’s railway network. India has Largest Railway network in Asia and Second largest railway network in whole world. There is one tip related to Indian railways later in the same article!

Without wasting more time, Let’s get started with the actual tips you should get if you are travelling in India for the first time.

1. Always keep Cash with You!

You have to exchange your Currency to Indian Rupees before you can spend money. And, if you are going to travel in Rural Areas, You can’t pay by Swiping your Card. Here in India, Cash Is Preferred than Cards Unlike Urban Areas. Even if you can pay with Card, you don’t want to do it because Banks will charge Extra for Every Transaction and You don’t want that.

2. Trains Are Better to Travel

As We said, India is popular because of it’s railway Network. There are about 12000 Trains operational on any Given day and 1{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc} Population of India is in Trains at any Given Time.

If the distance between your Destination and your Current Location is more than 50KM, Get to the nearest Railway Station and Get a Ticket to your Destination. Sometimes Trains will reach Late or Early. We have a simple solution, You can check Live Train Running status In Few Minutes!

One more Tip about Indian Railways, If you are travelling for Long distance in Indian Railways, Either Select AC Coaches or Keep Your Luggage Safe!

3. You can Negotiate on Any Product!

So, Here in India, If you think that price are bit higher for the specific product than it should be, Just Tell the vendor to decrease the price a Bit or just say, I want the specific Product at Specific Rate or I just don’t want to purchase it!

If possible, Vendor will sell you that specific product at the price you want! It is not recommended if you can Afford the product at the Rate Vendor is sell the product but only if you think that product is Over-valued! It may Happen!

4. Kow what to Eat!

You are in India, The Country having Lowest Meat Consumption per Head. In United States, People Consume 125KG Meat on Average Per year. Here in India, It’s 3KG per person per year! You have to be Vegetarian in India. If you really want to have Non-veg Meal, It is recommended to find Really good Non-Vegetarian Restaurant!

And, Don’t eat Raw food If you think the place isn’t hygiene! It’s always good to have cooked food Here! And, It will be Spicy, So , Take care of it! You can Use your Hands while eating! It is fun and no one will get offended or look at you weirdly!

So, These are some really good tips you must know If you are travelling in India for the first time. If you have any questions or tips for other Readers, Just comment them down and we will solve it for you as soon as possible!