5 Contacts Every Driver Should Have On Their Phones

Unfortunate events can happen especially while on the road – be it an accident or a car breakdown. If you’re a newbie driver, then you must be aware that such events do happen more often than you might think. If there is one crucial tip every driver needs to keep in mind, it’s that there are five contacts you need to have in your phone at all times.

Local Mechanic

Local mechanics offer a more personalized and often cheaper price for maintenance and repair. You can always find a good one that can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape by word of mouth. Most already have built a good reputation over the years. By having a local mechanic work on your car, they’ll make sure your vehicle will always run smoothly. There are also some who offer on the spot repair and maintenance so that you can call them in cases of a car breakdown.

Tow Truck

During desperate times, we can’t help but feel obliged to call for drastic measures. There are situations when your car trouble needs the help of a tow truck company. When you experience an engine overheating, collisions, breakdowns or even flat tires, tow trucks can help you bring your vehicle to your destination.

Experienced DWI Lawyer

DWIs and DUIs are becoming increasingly common despite the strict policies and penalties implemented in Texas. You might only be an occasional drinker, but if you drive, it would be best to find an experienced DWI lawyer to help you if you ever got in trouble. Find an excellent legal company like the Butler Law Firm so you can be assured that a reliable DWI lawyer will assist you with your case from start to finish. To know more about DWIs and DUIs, you can always visit their office at this address.

24/7 Locksmith

It may seem like it would be most unlikely for you to forget your keys and lock yourself out of your vehicle, but this happens quite a lot. When you’re in such a hurry or is overthinking, we tend to forget important things like our car keys. It would be best to have a trusted locksmith who can open your vehicle for you no matter the time of the day.

Insurance Agent

Accidents can happen even to the most alert and careful drivers. This is the very reason why you need to keep your car insurance agent’s contact number with you at all times. Whether or not the one at fault of the accident is you or the other driver, call your insurance agent right after the accident. This way, you will know what to do and what to prepare to start with the claims process.

Having these five contacts on your phone will ensure you have the right and immediate numbers to call in cases of emergency. Better yet, write it on your notes for better measure. Remember always to keep your vehicle well-maintained and to obey traffic rules if you want to enjoy a safe drive.

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