How to Have a Memorable Dubai Desert Safari Tour

How to Have a Memorable Dubai Desert Safari Tour

Traveling is probably one of the best activities a person can experience in his entire lifetime. From seeing new places to experiencing new things, this pursuit is included in almost every person’s bucket list for good reason.

If you have tried going skinny dipping in the Maldives or have reached the peak of Mount Everest, then a Dubai desert tour should probably be your next target. There, you will surely enjoy sand dune bashing and the iconic camel rides, not to mention witnessing the jaw-dropping desert sunset.

To make your visit as memorable as possible, you should have a list of what you need to bring and understand the right way to plan such a trip, so you can focus on your stay rather than worrying about other things.

What to Bring

1.     The right shoes

Unlike other safari trips where experts recommend using closed footwear with hard rubber soles, walks in the warm desert require sandals. This is because the sand might get in your shoes, which can be a pain while you’re traversing the sandy Dubai desert.

It also lets your feet breathe as the temperature in the desert can be very warm. In this case, you may also opt to wear flip-flops, but sandals are preferred as they provide ample support for walking, akin to closed shoes.

2.     Comfortable clothing

Wearing comfortable clothing is a must when going on a desert safari tour for obvious reasons. Aside from the climate, it will also make you appreciate the activities more.

Women may wear Salwar Kameez, a traditional ensemble from the Indian subcontinent, or a pants and T-shirt ensemble, while men can opt for a loose shirt and cotton pants or shorts. The bottom line is that you must be able to move freely and comfortably when participating in activities like sand skiing and sand dune bashing.

3.     Camera

While it is recommended that you pack light, having your camera with you is an absolute must. You would want to keep memories preserved through pictures, especially the magical sunset that is unique to the desert.

4.     Overall, as few belongings as possible

When going on a desert tour, the general rule is to pack light and wear only a few pieces of jewelry, if any, as much as possible. Also, tour guides don’t recommend bringing water bottles on the trip as these would weigh you down. Instead, you should drink plenty of fluids before the tour.

Among the most important things you should bring are your shades, hat, and sunscreen to help protect you from the sun. Plus, your sunglasses can also shield your eyes from sand.

How to Plan for Your Trip

Going on a desert trip isn’t quite like your average vacation — it requires thorough and precise planning. Here are four tips you should consider taking when going on a tour of the desert:

1.     Time your trip right

The timing of your trip can make or break the experience, so make sure to do it right. If you are planning to do a safari tour, choose vacation dates that are close to the fall or winter as it can be very hot during the summer.

2.     Have a detailed itinerary at hand

Having a detailed itinerary can help you plan not just the trip but the items you need to bring as well. Because of the cooler temperature, you may opt to enjoy the desert safari in the evening, which means you should bring a thin jacket with you. Alternatively, bringing a hat and sunglasses for morning tours is also recommended.

3.     Consider the kids

If you are bringing kids with you, it may be best to put that fact on top of your mind when booking your vacation. This way, you can pick activities that they are sure to enjoy and you can avoid having grumpy children in tow during a memorable family outing.

4.     Book a tour guide

Unless you have lived in a place for a significant time, it is highly recommended that you book a tour guide when you visit new places. This is especially true in the desert where you can easily lose track of where you’re going and where you’ve been. It is also important that you listen to your tour guide’s instructions carefully and never stray from the tour.

Ready to Book Your Tour?

Dubai deserts are well-known around the world for the enchanted view and unforgettable activities you can do there. Trips like this can be memorable and stress-free if you know what you need to bring and how to plan it properly.


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