5 Reasons to Volunteer With uVolunteer

Volunteering is known to be one of the noblest jobs that everyone should do once in a lifetime. uVolunteer is a small and boutique organization that started its journey in 2006 from Costa Rica under the supervision of Nathaniel Amponsah. Nat and the rest of the team aim in providing useful training to our volunteers and through various programs designed individually. Volunteers from all the fields and streams of live are welcomed to attend our programs from students to young and senior professionals looking forward to new experiences or for a break from the daily stereotype.

Are you planning to volunteering in Costa Rica, Ghana or Thailand? Then visiting uVolunteer can be an effective investment for you where you will be given the opportunity to learn new things such as wildlife conservation, teaching language and other subjects to underprivileged students, helping the economically backward community in building new houses aided by any NGOs or other funds, supporting in healthcare campaigns, and so on.

Know the reasons of volunteering with uVolunteer—

We offer a wide array of programs

At uVolunteer, we have designed the programs considering the requirement of the 3 countries where we send out trained volunteers. You can choose among the programs considering your previous knowledge, curiosity, and above all passion for helping the people out there looking for your support.

If you’re are already associated with hospital management or healthcare industry, choosing a similar program can be more rewarding for you as well as the people you’re going to serve. Again, if you’re a good English teacher, you can help the kids in learning the language for their betterment. By learning English, the locals can communicate better with the foreign tourists as in most of these places, tourism is the major source of economy. By learning the language, the children can also successfully develop their academic career.

uVolunteer promises placement after the training

We at uVolunteer promise a placement at the end of the program. You can attend the program of your choice and also enjoy the freedom of choosing any of the three countries where you want to go and work as a volunteer. Considering the training that you’ll register to, we will propose you a job in the particular country.

The programs are pretty affordable

We at uvolunteer ensure affordable costs for the programs that you’ll join. We charge a nominal fee for the course and for the placement.

Safe international travel

Our women volunteers can travel alone and work freely as we choose certain areas where the people are amiable and really friendly with women volunteers. Whether you’re going with a team of other volunteers or alone, you don’t have to worry about the security, the places are nice and the people are helpful to their volunteers helping them in developing the community in various ways.

We focus on the 3 International locations

At uVolunteer, we offer the placements at three countries- Costa Rica, Thailand, and Ghana. You have the option to select from any of the given countries in distinct continents.

These are a few reasons to volunteer with uVolunteer.