Top 7 Things to Do in Tokyo

Tokyo is a giant ultramodern megapolisin which it is necessary to live for several months to see at least the half of its attractions.

Tokyo overwhelms the newcomers with its incredibly complex urban planningwhich are so difficult to navigate without the help of police officers and independent metro lines which can get you confused several times a day.

If you want to see the city and its main places, it is worth hiring a car. Especially popular is GTR rental in Tokyo. Also, the most demanded cars are Chevrolet Camaro Z28, Honda Civic, Dodge Challenger, Lexus IS, Acura NSX, Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza, Nissan Silvia Spec-R Aero and Suzuki Cappuccino.

If you are going to Tokyo, you must know top 7 things to do there:

Visit the World of Disney

On the outskirts of Tokyo, the whole world of childhood is located: Disneyland, and Disney Seanext to it with the marine theme of attractions being the main difference. The most famous attraction in both is Space Mountains. Surely, visit the palace of Mickey and go on a pirate boat straight to Tortuga. And do not forget to stay on the traditional fireworks over the castle just before the park closes at ten o’clock in the evening. The animated screensaver for Disney paintings is worth looking at.

Don’t die because of fugu

Fugu, due to its extreme toxicity, is sold far from everywhere. If you want to try an exotic dish, you should keep your way exclusively to a Japanese restaurant, which has a special license for cooking fugu. Despite the fact that in most restaurants and shops only the least toxic fugu species are available, this fish remains to some extent toxic. Fugu’s poison is so deadly that it can kill an adult person in a matter of minutes. It should be noted that the traditional Japanese dish of fugu is quite expensive. The price for it is about $20-50.

Try real sushi

Each country values its gastronomic brand. Nevertheless, if you can still import cheese and beer, you cannot certainly do the same with sushi. Therefore, you can try real eastern food only in the “country of the rising sun”. Despite the fact that sushi is cooked in almost every country and every city, those are only a miserable parody of the real ones. Usually seafood for sushi is used in raw form, which is why real sushi can be cooked only near the sea. In the capital, there are many restaurants and cafes where sushi are cooked. However, people of Tokyo have sushi in the port of Tsukiji.

Make a bow to the Goddess of Luck

The Kannon-sama Temple in Tokyo surprisingly reflects the spirit of the Japanese. Huge and cozy, it smells pleasantly incense, the monks pray and knock on the drum, and from the jaws of small dragons the sources for ablution are streaming. Kannon is the Japanese Goddess of fortune and luck, and all Japanese, irrespective of religion, regularly bring her symbolic offerings.

Stay overnight in a capsule

 It was namely in Japan where the famous capsule hotels were invented. The rooms in them look like a small sleeping cell 2 x 1.25 meters. This size is enough for all the necessary amenities for a full night: a full bed, TV, radio, free WI-FI, mirror and alarm clock. It is true that this type of “comfort” is not suitable for couples and people suffering claustrophobia.

Update all your gadgets in Akihabara

 This area of Tokyo is Mecca for fans of the latest achievements of electronics. Here are presented all the novelties existing in the modern market at very competitive prices. Change your old smartphone for the best one and don’t pay a lot of money. In addition, in Akihabara, fans of anime both children and adults will be enthusiastic. On the local counters, you can find all possible anime discs and video games.

Sit in a cafe with owls

The Japanese have invented an alternative to a cat’s cafe. In Tokyo, they opened an institution where you can drink a cup of coffee in the company of more than 30 owls of different species. This café is called Fukuro no Mise. The time of each customer’s stay is 1 hour. Fukuro no Mise works in the twilight as owlsdo not bear bright lighting. The owl theme can also be seen in the menu, dishes and even food. Unfortunately, customers are not allowed to touch owls without the permission of employees, loud noise and flashes of cameras are also prohibited.

Travelling to Tokyo is worth learning in Japanese at least the word “samisen” – “I’m sorry”.You should start your conversation with it. The Japanese do not speak English very well.