5 Reasons Why Turks and Caicos Makes For the Perfect Destination Wedding

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Dreaming of a dream destination wedding, but not sure where it is you are in fact dreaming of? If it has sun, sea, sand and is set in paradise, chances are you are in fact dreaming of getting hitched in Turks and Caicos. And if not, here are five reasons why you should!

1# Sun

Nobody wants their big day to be a wash out. Unfortunately, when getting wed here in Britain that is exactly what those looking to incorporate the great outdoors into their big day can expect. With over 50{7cedf93ad3a6af36e2614cb55d7fd684605751b85e0d7870c13c844643491edc} of British days seeing rain, planning an outdoor wedding or even managing to steal enough time to take photos outdoors can be difficult. More, when your heart is set on doing exactly that, this can mean sacrificing an important part of your big day.

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In contrast, get hitched in TCI and even if you and your partner opt to marry in the deepest depths of December, you can expect to not only have the sun beaming down on you, but to be warm and surrounded by fantastic natural light. Being situated in the Caribbean, the Turks and Caicos climate is accurately describable as the polar opposite, no pun intended, of that experienced here in the UK. Hence, for a big day that leaves you and your guests more sun kissed than with cold feet, TCI is the place to head.

One thing to be aware of though is that TCI does have a hurricane season. Hence, ahead of planning your perfect TCI dream destination wedding, i is advisable to be aware of when this is. Then, for more details as TCI’s annual climate and when not to book to prevent getting caught up in a hurricane, head over to the weather section of the TCI Tourism website.

2# Sea

Speaking of warm temperatures, thanks in no small part to its sumptuous year round sun, TCI’s seas also maintain a warm year round temperature. As stated via the Where When How website, TCI waters can in fact reach a high of 30 degrees Celsius during the height of the summer months (around June) and at a low remain higher than our summer average water temperatures here in the UK, at a temperate 24 degrees Celsius.

Hence, whatever time of the year you chose to marry, when doing so in TCI couples really can tailor their big day to suit their calendar and guests, as well as their budget – with out of season weddings providing a fantastically affordable way to get hitched in paradise, as well as the perfect excuse to escape some of the British winter!

3# …And Sand

And it isn’t just the promise of sea and sun that attract hundreds of thousands to TCI every year; with sun and sea comes sand of course, and there really are no better beaches in the whole Caribbean than in TCI.

In fact, TCI does not only have some of the most extensive shore line, coast and most beaches in the Caribbean thanks to the fact the country is comprised of 40 separate low lying islands and cays; Turks and Caicos is also home to what is currently ranked the world’s best beach, as celebrated and voted by the Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Awards, which are in turn voted for by its millions of users.

4# Plus, The Dream Venue

Not only is a paradise beach wedding possible in TCI all year round and not only does TCI provide the scope to marry on the best beach on the whole planet, Turks and Caicos also provides the ideal venue and resort to ensure wedding parties get both as well as having a dream suite to retire to at the end of the day.

Where, you ask? The Beach House TCI Resort faces Grace Bay Beach and better yet provides wedding and as well honeymoon packages to suit all. Providing private access to the world’s best beach and luxury suite accommodation for your guests as well as a personalisable wedding planning package and onsite team, that dream destination wedding really could be just a click away. To discover if that is true for you and you partner, simply head over to the Beach House TCI Resort website now.

5# Ending with a Honeymoon in Paradise

Of course many couples choose to wed in the UK and simply honeymoon in a paradise such as TCI, but as the Mirror Newspaper reported back in 2015 (and things don’t seem to have changed much, at least not for the better), one in ten couples forfeit a honeymoon entirely to pay for their big day. Meanwhile, many of those who afford a honeymoon today spend half as much time on their honeymoon than back in 2005. Then, opting to marry in a dream honeymoon location such as TCI is one way to ensure you afford a honeymoon, and what is more the one you dream of.

Further, whilst many believe a destination wedding is likely to cost them more and be harder to plan, the reality for many could not be more the opposite; book in, for example, at a luxury yet affordable resort such as TCI’s Alexandra Resort, which provides one of the best value accommodations in Providenciales, and their expert team will all but plan your wedding for you – and do so for less on average than the cost of a UK wedding in many cases. To learn more and how they manage this, head over to the Alexandra Resort website and specifically, take notice of their wedding package deals. Meanwhile, for more general advice about getting hitched in TCI, continue your research via the Weddings and Honeymoons in the Turks and Caicos Islands page of the Visit TCI website.