5 Useful Tips for Your Visit to LuangPrabang

5 Useful Tips for Your Visit to LuangPrabang

Laos is one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Asia and yet it isn’t as crowded as such places often are. This is exactly what makes the country – and especiallythe breathtakingly beautiful city of LuangPrabang– so exclusive. Before you head towards the ancient town of temples though, here are five useful tips that should make your travels a lot more enjoyable.

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How to Get to the City

The LuangPrabang International Airport receives flights from multiple international airlines, with the main ones being Bangkok Airways, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and, of course, the domestic Lao Airlines. Therefore, you will just need to find a flight from any of these airlines that are most relevant to your location and situation. However, flights are not your only options because LuangPrabang can also be reached by getting onboard an international bus from Kumming (China), Loei (Thailand), Hanoi and Vin (Vietnam).

Finally, we have the option to get to LuangPrabang by boat, although it will take you two days to reach LuangPrabang from HuayXai, after getting into Laos from Chiang Khong (Thailand).

Book Your Hotel Rooms in Advance

While it isn’t always bustling with tourists, the best hotels in LuangPrabang need to be booked in advance, because it’s never exactly empty either and the few good hotels get booked up months in advance.

The Best Time to Visit Varies

Most people consider the months of November, December, and January to be the best months of the year to visit LuangPrabang, but you will probably find the place at its best and much less populated with tourists if you visit during the rainy season, which basically consists of half the year. If short, regular showers don’t bother you much, you will probably find that the months of April, May, June, July, September,and October to be the best for a visit.

Stick to the Known Paths

LuangPrabangis such a gorgeous city with lush surroundings that going on a trek is a must-do activity here, but you should not stray from the marked path, especially without the assistance of a local guide. In case you are wondering why this is important, then consider the fact that there are still a lot of undetonated cluster bombs left here from the infamous Vietnam War bombings.

Laos doesn’t Restrict their Internet at All!

The fact that Laos is a close neighbour of China has had no impact on the country’s internet access, which is quite surprising for outsiders. In LuangPrabang, the internet reception is among the best in the country too, so if you plan to upload pictures of the grand temples on social media or watch a bit of Netflix at night, there is virtually no restriction on that over here.

Consider it a bonus tip when we advise that you should also check out the Night Market in LuangPrabang because it has some exquisite and unique local handicraft items for visitors to take home as mementos. There are also plenty of other things to do here as well, and these tips should help you to enjoy them all even more.

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