A Guide to Holidays in Bali

A Guide to Holidays in Bali

In Indonesia, the island of Bali is well known as one of the most exciting holiday and travel destination in the world. Bali is dynamic and constantly changing. Its local and international tourism is developing rapidly. However, Bali has managed to keep enchanting Australian tourists as well as tourists from all over the world by preserving its magic and unique character over the decades. Many of these tourists fall in love with the place and keep returning regularly.

Resorts and hotels are wonderfully decorated and the accommodation deals are affordable. Bali’s appreciation for serenity and art has influenced shop, restaurant and hotel owners, creating an atmosphere with a unique and touching flavor. The place also offers a wide range of attractions.

There are many reasons why the holidays in Bali have so much charm. The incredible value for money, the welcoming nature of the locals, the physical beauty of the island, the year round pleasant climate, the unique and vibrant culture, and the physical beauty of the island make Bali a place very appreciated by many Australian tourists.

When it comes to accommodation deals, you can find on Bali almost everything. The place is perfect for luxury holiday seekers as well as for backpackers traveling on a strict budget. Even for the seasoned traveller, the amount of choices can be overwhelming, as there are thousands of good hotels to choose from.

A recommended option for holidays in Bali is to choose one of the Canggu villas. Located less than 10 minute north of Seminyak and only 300 m from Berawa surf beach, Canggu has become Bali’s new trendy area. This tropical paradise area has seen an explosion in bars, restaurants, and places to chill at. The beach community of Canggu is considered now as the coolest place in Bali. For its proliferation of vego, eco and organic foods and drinks, the place has been dubbed “The Brooklyn of Bali”.

The unique private pool Canggu villas feature huge bathrooms with open air showers for 2 persons, amazing wall art, beautiful 5 m high ceilings, spacious living areas and bedrooms with cosy king-size beds, furniture made from recycled metal and timber, industrial lighting, LED TVs with cable, free high-speed Wifi, Bluetooth stereos and more. All these impressive amenities make Canggu villas one of the most recommended accommodation deals for holidays in Bali.

Seminyak, not far from Canggu, is home to many Indonesian creative types and designer, and one of Asia’s most fashionable enclaves. The place is also Indonesia’s most vibrant gay scene. However, you may get a better deal seeking accommodation in Canggu, since Seminyak is a very expensive place, housing many hip and exclusive lounge bars and hotels. For instance, Ku De Ta is the most renowned hang-out in Seminyak. This lounge restaurant located at beach front becomes at night a crowed scene.

When it comes to Balinese cuisine, Balinese food is hot and sweet, using a wide range of spices. The locals favour little snack-sized bites that come with various textures and flavours. The spices and many and flavours are complex: chillies, cardamom, coriander, cloves and ginger, garlic, shrimp paste, palm sugar, dried coconut, and lemon basil. Chandi is a famous restaurant worth to try out in Seminyak.


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