What Makes Marsa Al Seef a Great Travel Destination

In terms of size, Dubai is not one of the biggest cities in the world. Still, it is one of the most highly regarded, most sought-after travel destinations for people from all corners of the globe. This is because of the many unique experiences it offers both to locals and tourists.

One of today’s must-visit Dubai destinations is Marsa Al Seef. Known by the tagline “Where the Old Meets the New,” this place was designed to give everyone a seamless combination of modern, cultural and vibrant entertainment, hospitality, and retail experiences.

It is situated along the famous Dubai Creek, celebrating the impressive maritime traditions of the emirate. So on your next visit to the City of Gold, make sure to book the best hotel rooms in Dubai that bring you close to this marvelous attraction.

Read further to learn the six things that make Marsa Al Seef a great destination for your next trip.

  1. Ancient Charm

Nothing beats Marsa Al Seef when it comes to delivering an ancient feel while enjoying a modern space. It displays the emirate’s proud culture that is perfectly combined with modern elements emphasizing the natural beauty of the Dubai Creek. After all, this was designed to pay tribute to the archaic way of life by featuring Emirati art spaces, textiles, and regional crafts.

  1. Great Food

When visiting a new place, looking for establishments offering superb food should definitely be a part of your itinerary. Luckily, Marsa Al Seef won’t disappoint you. You can choose from the wide range of cuisines from popular dining establishments, including European, Asian, American, and Arabic food.

If you want a more traditional feel when dining, keep an eye on restaurants that give off a more traditional vibe. But if you want it to be extra unique, consider visiting some of the first floating restaurants.

If you’re visiting Dubai in summer, retreat from the severe hot weather by heading to some of the well-designed indoor dining establishments. They have modern features like air conditioners so you can relax and cool down.

  1. Superb Shopping

Marsa Al Seef is one of the best places to visit if you’re an avid shopper. From local handicrafts to luxurious pieces, you can choose diverse souvenirs and gifts as you explore the many different shopping stores.

What makes shopping in this place unique is that you’ll get to enjoy gorgeous sights of landscaped gardens and pristine waters while negotiating for the best deals. You surely won’t regret spending hours in this beautiful place, even just to go window shopping.

  1. Abra Stations

Head to the abra stations and book a unique tour of the creek. Don’t forgo joining any of these tours because this is the best way that you can gain lots of information about the old Dubai and how exactly it was transformed into one of today’s most remarkable cities.

  1. Festivals and Other Events

If you are in Marsa Al Seef at the right time, don’t miss partaking in all the events. Be fascinated as you watch the different cultural activities and shows that happen in the place regularly.

Every December, for instance, the annual Shopping Festival is being held. During this event, you can enjoy plenty of freebies, perks, and discounts just by stopping at the retail stores in this gorgeous place.

The UAE National Day is another event that happens every December. On this day, Al Seef showcases various workshops, shows, musical performances, and cultural activities that people of all ages can surely enjoy.

Moreover, there are musical shows, art exhibitions, local crafts, and other performances you can enjoy any time of the year – you just have to stay tuned for these events.

  1. Rest and Relaxation

Marsa Al Seef is not just about shopping, learning, and dining because you can also get your much-needed rest and relaxation here. You can find plenty of spas and wellness centers where you can indulge in luxurious pampering. So if you feel tired after a walking tour, or stressed out after taking part in various activities, consider heading to one of these R&R spots to treat yourself.

Whether you have been to Dubai before or it’s your first time to behold its glory, Marsa Al Seef is indeed a great reason to visit this emirate. It is the only place that offers a contemporary experience of leisure along with a rewarding glimpse of Dubai’s past.


Habib Khan is a seasoned Hotelier, currently the CEO of Planet Hospitality and General Manager of Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa. Khan has more than 30 years of diversified international experience in the hospitality industry. He is an expert in developing, transforming, and managing hotels, with an ability to analyze and solve problems in a challenging work environment.