Things you must know before Travelling to Colombia

  Things you must know before Travelling to Colombia

South America is quickly evolving as one of the top destinations to travel to. And after a trip to Colombia, you will understand why. The first thing that would strike anyone after visiting there, would be how colourful it is!  Yes, there is such rich diversity in geography, culture, food, climate, everything! It’s hard to capture the tang of Colombia and its cultural heritage with only words. It has completely rehabilitated becoming a land full of hope and ready to be discovered.

This diverse country is situated at the equator with coasts along both the Pacific and Atlantic, offering a great experience to anyone who desires to travel to Colombia on their next holiday. All you should do is, plan your trip smart for a great Colombia Ecuador trip experience.

What should you know Before Traveling to Colombia?

Don’t worry too much but follow a few basic safety rules

  1. Have all your papers safe with you.
  2. Don’t carry valuables, like too much cash or jewellery in plain sight.
  3. Don’t use unlicensed street taxies.
  4. Try to talk to the locals there, to know more about the place.

We are sure you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the country and the kindness of the people once you get to Colombia despite all the Colombia Ecuador travel stories you may have heard. So, don’t worry too much about your safety. You can also get the help of the staff at your hotel for safety tips. They will know better!

Temperature in Colombia

Colombia is a tropical country. There are no seasons. The temperature depends on the altitude rather than the time of the year. For example, Bogota has a pleasant and cool temperature during the day with cold nights whereas, Cartagena has hot and humid days and warm nights.

The Pace of Life is Different in Colombia!

You might be used to the fast clockwork running life in your country. Even little things like a delayed train or a long queue could be a major annoyance. But life is entirely different in Colombia. People here are very patient, and no one will get edgy over something like this. They will continue chatting and socializing until the situation straightens itself out. Facing such situations, just keep yourself cool and try to learn the patience of the locals.

Learn some Spanish, Just a Few Words!

English is not widely spoken in Colombia. The hotel staff usually speaks some English, and they will be helping you out with most things you would need if you don’t know the local language. But your Colombia travel experience could be more refreshing if you know a few words to communicate in their language before your trip.

Colombians are Hands-Down the Most Pleasant:

Colombians are happy and warm people. They are the most light-hearted people you will ever meet. Walking down the streets, you will receive warm smiles and greetings anywhere you go. They are proud of their country and would appreciate you experiencing the incredible landscape, cities, national parks, towns, coastlines, festivals and dance.

Surely, it is a charming and friendly country. Don’t forget to add it to your diary the next time you travel!!

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