Top Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding in Bali

For many travelers out there, Bali isn’t just your typical vacation destination, and often pops up on a person’s “bucket list” of places they’d like to travel to. It’s exotic, beautiful, and lush, and then there are the people and the culture that is warm and welcoming making the vacation that much more special. All of these reasons and more is why it has become such a popular spot for destination weddings. Whether the couple has travelled to Bali in the past and have special ties to it, or they are just looking for that “perfect” spot, it can fit the bill.

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In order to help you with your special day, we’ve gone ahead and put together a number of tips that will help you plan your destination wedding in Bali.

Visit During the Dry Months for an Outdoor Wedding

If your plans include an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, then you will want to be sure that you schedule the wedding for the summer months. The months of June, July, and August is when Bali gets the most sun and the least amount of rain. The only downside is that every other tourist is thinking the same thing, so this is a busy time of year where tourists are concerned.

Book Your Wedding Venue Well in Advance

This brings us to our next tip, which is that you will want to be sure your book your wedding venue well in advance. There are a number of gorgeous Bali wedding venues on the beach that you will want to get first choice of booking, and if you’re going during high season, there are plenty of other couples with the same plan in mind.

Make Use of an On-Site Wedding Coordinator

One of the most useful tips to pass along is that many couples take advantage of an on-site wedding coordinator and let them handle the majority of the planning. Because you are thousands of miles away, and possibly in a different time zone, planning can be extremely difficult. An on-site wedding coordinator will have a list of contacts and vendors that they use, they will know all the ins and outs, and can even help direct you as far as the paperwork that needs to be done for the marriage license.

Set a Budget You Feel Comfortable With

This final tip is one that should be used no matter the destination of your wedding, whether it’s in an exotic destination like Bali or in your hometown. Set a budget in advance and make sure it is one you are comfortable with. There is no need to go over-board and spend more than you originally planned. If you’re working with a wedding coordinator, then this budget should be made clear to them from the beginning.

A Beautiful and Memorable Day

Each of these tips will help you to create that beautiful and memorable day, in a stress-free manner, which you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.