Better Deals With Better Details for You Now

Finding cheap flights, a real headache is not it? Do not panic. We have gathered for you all the infallible tips of travel experts to find air tickets at the lowest prices. Find the discovery of the world.

  1. Do your search for plane tickets in “incognito” mode at night

First thing to do: Open your browser in “incognito” mode when you search for cheap flights! Why? Because flight search websites use cookies that are reminiscent of your browsing behavior and cause the price of airline tickets to fluctuate according to demand. For example, if you do several searches for the same flight today and do the same search a few days later, there is a good chance that the price of the ticket will increase thanks to the intelligent algorithms of the ticket sales sites. With the Cheap flight deals now you will be having the best options available.

How to navigate in incognito mode?

It is very simple. On Chrome, click on the File menu at the top and then click on “open Incognito window”. Do your research from this new window!

  1. Find cheap flights using flight comparators

Flight comparators are web sites that group the offers of tour operators and different airlines. It is therefore a simple way to see at a glance the different flights available for a given destination. The purchase is not made on these sites. Once you have chosen the flight that suits you, you will be redirected to the corresponding commercial sites to make the purchase.

  1. Do a flight search with the option “flexible dates”

Most airline sites, tour operators and flight comparators now offer the “Flexible Dates” option to absolutely check when doing your flight ticket searches. You will then be able to compare the prices of airline tickets to neighboring dates and choose the cheapest prices.

  1. Take flights to nearby airports

When you do your research, check also the prices of flights to cities near your destination, or even to border countries! Sometimes, it is worth taking a plane ticket elsewhere and then continues the journey by land (train, bus, shuttles, roadtrip by car). Flights to secondary airports are often much cheaper and are often served by low cost airlines. With the Business class tickets the options get better now.


  1. Dare the trip in low season

To find the cheapest air tickets, avoid at all costs traveling in high season. The high season often coincides with summer (a peak in August), the holiday season (December), and of course holidays and school holidays. Traveling in low season or intermediate season also means saving on the costs of accommodation, activities and transportation on site, and most importantly, we avoid the crowds.

  1. Buy your plane tickets in advance (but not too much)

The rules of fluctuation of the prices of the air tickets, the flights promotions etc. differ so much but there is a kind of general consensus. It is advisable to buy your plane tickets at least 5 months in advance for a trip in high season. Outside high seasons, it is better to buy tickets 40 to 80 days before departure. Avoid booking your flights 6 months in advance as low-cost airline companies often put their tickets on sale only 6 months before the scheduled date of departure.