Don’t Be So Rash: The Painful Truth about Road Rash

A lot of people often prefer motorcycles from other vehicles. The speed and thrill that goes along with riding bikes are the most common reasons why people choose them over cars. Bikes are lighter and compact, meaning they can maneuver and weave through traffic more quickly than cars.

A lot of motorcycles are also more stylish and sleek than most cars. Ducati and Kawasaki are leading brands that produce these types of bikes. For the adventurous types, Honda dirt bikes ridden by pros such as Mike Metzger and Travis Pastrana help them achieve insane aerial stunts. Mike Metzger for example, is known as “The Godfather of Freestyle Motocross” when he performed the first ever backflip in X-Games competition.

With such light frames for maximum torque, bikes are often vulnerable to crashes. When an accident happens, riders become extremely exposed to severe injuries. Brian Deegan who invented the Mulisha Twist, a trick which is essentially a 360 spin on a motorcycle, failed to land his first attempt and sustained him multiple injuries on his back and head.

Ordinary Johns and Janes, however, are not exempt from severe injuries. Due to its size, a lot of motorists fail to see speeding motorcycles which then result in horrific crashes. These crashes are almost always fatal. Those few who experience minor abrasions known as “Road Rash,” are the lucky ones. A road rash is when the skin is damaged and rubbed through a rough surface such as pavements and roads. In this article, we will discuss its treatment and ways to improve healing.

Damage Assessment

Riders should assess the situation they are in before doing anything else. Motorcyclists should slowly move away from danger before looking at the wound. Stop the bleeding to prevent shock and further loss of fluids in the body. Immediately call emergency services.

Clean the wound

Carefully remove dirt or any debris that is present in the wound. If left in the skin, these foreign materials can cause infections. Tattooing also is prevented when debris is absent from the injury. Tattooing is when the skin heals over dirt, making it visible. If fully healed, the wound will look like a tattoo.



Always cover a wound to prevent it from being exposed to everyday dirt and grime. These foreign bodies are responsible for infections that may make the wound worse. Change dressings at least once a day if it becomes soaked. Skin damage from accidents like these often causes infection. Look for any signs of infection such as sudden fever, swelling, pain, and reddening of the area adjacent to the wound. If signs such as these persist, contact your physician.


Motorcycles are machines that deserve admiration. Bikes are sleek, sturdy, and stylish. Famous people and experienced stuntmen like Travis Pastrana all ride motorcycles. However, due to their light frames, bikes often leave their driver vulnerable to injury.

For non-fatal injuries, the most common are road rash. A road rash or a “Skin Abrasion” occurs when the skin scrapes against a rough surface. Treatment of these types of wounds is relatively straightforward and far from life threatening. However, when left untreated, infections can occur. Call a doctor immediately if one suspects that infection is starting to set in.