Private Tours in Maramures Romania: Discover History and Beauty

Nestled in the north of Romania, the Maramures County is composed of several regions. The Land of Maramures is rich in history and its administrative center, the Sighetu Marmatiel is considered as its most traditional part. Thanks to its natural boundaries, Maramures was able to retain its own unique character after all these years.

When you go on private tours in Maramures Romania, you will see for yourself the mountain ranges enclosing the valley, with their highest peak reaching as much as 2303 meters. When World War I came to an end, the country of Romania lost Maramures’ northern part to Czechoslovakia and from World War II onwards, this part belonged to Ukraine. Its border is found in Sighetu Marmatiel town and this is open for locals and foreigners alike.

Maramures: An Agricultural Haven

Maramuees is famous for its small scaled agricultural character. Majority of the villages have agricultural settings wherein all families own a homestead, piece of land, several animals and usually, there is also an orchard. It means that the villagers pretty much lead a self-sufficient lifestyle where they can provide their families with food grown right in their yards and enjoy the perks of self-produced products.

During summer season, you will see farmers as they make the hay with scythes in their fields. Yu will also pass carts and horses as they go up and down the cobbled streets and there are also families enjoying in a fun picnic in the grass as they take a break from their farm work.

For many visitors of Maramures, the greatest attractions are the region’s traditional villages. Such villages are renowned for their wooden craftwork and wooden architecture. If you visit the villages, you will see tons of wooden houses, sometimes even with the wooden porches, roofs, and gates beautifully designed out of wood. Oftentimes, Maramures is the land of the wood and you can tell why obviously.

The old traditional churches are the most impressive. All of these are constructed completely out of wood, some of these even dated back to sixteenth century and protected by UNESCO. A lot of such churches are in use these days and you can visit them and take a look on the inside. Breb has another traditional old wooden church and it is also where Babou Maramures is located, which is used until now for religious practice.

Aside from wooden craftwork, there are tons of some crafts that may be seen in the village of Maramures. Pottery making, weaving, basket weaving, and hat making are some examples of the crafts practiced by women and craftsmen. Each has its own craft specialized in. Majority of the artisans have their ateliers at home and willing to show you their work and the process that it is made.

Other than history and culture, Maramures has a lot to offer. It’s the place where the European railway that’s still in use for timber production goes into the forests. Some steam locomotives of about a hundred years old are bringing log trains up in the mountain. But, these days, tourists may get a place on trains.

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