Get a Quality Wheelchair Van Rental

Get a Quality Wheelchair Van Rental

Whether you’re planning a trip, testing out a new vehicle, or waiting for your own vehicle to finish repairs, we know that getting quality wheelchair van rentals is a top priority. Fortunately, there have never been as many options available to you as there are today.  A growing number of mobility vehicle dealers are seeing this need and filling it for those with short- and long-term needs.

Types Available

There are many options that are available to those looking for rentals, but the most common of this is the minivan. These wheelchair vans with a lowered floor conversion usually include an automatic, but sometimes manual, wheelchair ramp.  Another option that is popular to rent is a full-sized van, especially for those traveling with families, large groups of people, or medical equipment and additional cargo. There are also commercial wheelchair buses that can be rented for groups traveling with multiple wheelchair users.

Questions That You Should Ask

When choosing a rental wheelchair van, there are many questions that you might not know you need to ask.  The more information that you have, the better prepared you will be.  Familiarizing yourself with your rental agreement can give you many of these answers, so be vigilant in reading your agreements and all of the fine print that you might otherwise overlook.  Some other simple questions that you should keep in mind are:

  • What are the rental rates? Are they compatible with your budget?
  • How many people can the van seat? Are there enough seats for your entire party?
  • How much gas will the van use? Will buying gas factor into your budget?
  • What time is the delivery/pick up of your vehicle?
  • Are there any special deals or offers for specific vans?
  • Is the height of the wheelchair van compatible with your wheelchair’s specification?

No matter what van you ultimately decide on, make sure that you are renting from a reputable dealer.  Bussani Mobility provides reliable and dependable wheelchair van models.  We want to help you fulfill your life’s daily tasks, and get to your destinations conveniently. Don’t avoid the things you enjoy doing due to limited mobility. Our mobility consultants will help you choose the best rentals for your needs.

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