4 Reason to go in Saint John

Today we decide to make a new guide about accommodation, what to see, transportation and more. Saint John is one of the U.S Virgin Island, where you will find a national park which provides many outdoor activities for you. The national park is not the only attraction, there you can see tons of beaches, delicious food and nice nightlife. If you decide to go there, you will have an amazing adventure.

  Let’s get started with accommodation. In that area you will not find any hostels but you will find a great spot to camp and the cost is around $30USD per night or if you want you can rent a cabin and you will pay around $60USD per night. Another accommodation is the guest house and start from $80USD per night. If you need more comfort, you can reserve a hotel room where the price is a little bit  higher but it also offers better services.

 When you are hungry you will find many places to eat there. A normal meal is around $10-15USD and contains burgers, salad and sandwich. If you want to take a diner in a normal restaurants you will pay $35 USD around. Another place to eat is the groceries where the food will cost around $150 USD per week.

 The best way to get any transportation there is to rent a car if you have to go farther but Saint John island has a bus that goes to the end of the island and back, so this is the perfect way to get transportation for a low budget and is cost $1USD per ticket.

   Let’s talk about what to see and what activities you have there for a perfect trip. First thing is to visit almost all the beaches because that island has more than 35 beaches. The Trunk Bay is the main attraction for all tourist. Another beach is the Hawknest bay where you will find many activities like snorkelling and many water sports. In Saint John you will enjoy many water sport like windsurf, jet-ski, snorkel, sail and more. After that you should visit the Coral Bay, here you will find a great community with many restaurants and bars. If you are tired of beaches you can go to the national park where you can do hiking and see many amazing things.

 This is our guide for a perfect trip to the Island of Saint John, we hope you like it and have a nice adventure there.