Where to Find the Best Shopping in Brussels

Brussels, what a place! I have never been to such a beautiful destination. The entire city is completely mesmerizing. It has so much to offer including the variety of shops, shopping malls, and shopping streets. These shops have some of the best brand names in Europe: Versace, Gucci, Louise Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc.

Shopping in Brussels is a fantastic and delightful experience. From shopping arcades and shopping streets to markets in Brussels, you will definitely find something suitable for you. When visiting Brussels keep in mind that the stores are closed on Sundays, so make your shopping before that or you will just be able to visit some markets. Do not forget to book a car rental in Brussels airport in advance. It will help you not only to see all famous sights of the city, but also to visit as much shops as you want without being tired of public transportation.

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

It one of the first shopping arcades in Europe. It was built in the 18th century before the well-known Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan and the Passage in St Petersburg were constructed. It has two sections both approximately 100 meters in length.

Galeries de la Toison D’Or

It is another fantastic shopping mall. The Galeries de la Toison d’or is a large shopping center near the Porte de Namur metro station in Brussels. There are a lot of shops, a UGC cinema, and the Toison d’or Theater. It also has an inside café, which is perfect for taking a nice break from your adventure.

Shopping streets are also very popular in Brussels. They are a great way to kill an entire day.

Boulevard de Waterloo

It is one of the best-known shopping streets in Brussels. Just going for a stroll, you can see the shop windows of some of the most glamorous stores including Gucci. In such shops, you won’t see any price tags on any item.

Rue Neuve

It is one of the longest shopping streets in Brussels. It offers anything you may need from European top brand names in fashion items to electronics at discount rates. Rue Neuve is one of the gem stopping streets in Brussels.

To experience shopping in Brussels entirely, you need to visit at least one of many markets of Brussels. These markets can be found all over the city. Some of them are open on Saturday and Sunday, some can be open only one day a week.

Sablon Markets

The Sablon market is known for its grand church, its antique shops, and weekend markets. These markets are more commonly known as flea markets. The market is usually open from 9 am on the weekends. You can surely find a great deal!

Marolles Flea Market

The Marolles is an old charming and characteristic neighbourhood in Brussels, which is located between the Palace of Justice and the south railway station. It is not much different from the Sablon. A flea market is open every day from 7 am to 1 pm.

In conclusion, Brussels is a gorgeous city; anyone who is visiting Europe should check it out. Once you have finished seeing all the malls, streets and markets, you should finish up with some chocolate. As you may know, Belgium chocolate is one of the best and well-known chocolates in the world.