How to Earn and Make The Most of Frequent Flying Miles

One of the most beneficial privileges of opting for a frequent flyer program is the frequent flying miles. If you are unaware of what these flying miles are and how you can make the most of them, this post is sure to help you out.

Frequent flyer programs come with a variety of benefits. However, one of the most significant benefits and a reason for many of the flyers to opt for a program in first place is the frequent flying miles. The flying miles can be collected and then redeemed for free flight tickets, upgrades and lot more.

While the flying miles were only awarded upon flying in the past, many of the carriers now offer these miles for a variety of other activities. For instance, JetPrivilege offers JPMiles for flying, shopping, dining, swiping cards, and many more such daily transactions. So, if you are flying from Mumbai to Bangalore, apart with the JPMiles earned through your flight, you can also collect more miles when you eat, shop, or stay with JetPrivilege program partners.

How to Earn Frequent Flying Miles?

As mentioned above, now you can collect frequent flying miles for not just flying but to do a variety of other activities. Some of the other ways in which you can earn flying miles include-


JetPrivilege have partnered with many of the biggest of brands in the country to allow you to earn miles even when you are shopping. You can earn miles when you shop for a particular amount of these brands for clothes, electronics, jewellery, etc. and the miles are automatically added to your frequent flyer account. The JetPrivilege program even has a platform called dedicated to earning JPMiles as you shop with its multiple retail partners, some of them the biggest in the industry, such as Flipkart and Amazon.


You can collect miles even when you dine at partner restaurants and diners. The majority of these dining partners are spread all over the country to ensure that you can collect maximum miles every time you step out to dine with your friends, family or business colleagues. JetPrivilege even allows you to book tables, curated menus and unique experiences through Delightful Detours.


It is normal to book hotels when we travel to another city or country. Air carriers have partnered with some of the best hotel chains not just in India but at international destinations as well to allow us to earn additional miles. Simply book rooms with them, and the miles will be added to your account. With JetPrivilege, you can stay in hotel chains across the world and earn JPMiles almost everywhere.

Apart from these, you can also collect miles for swiping co-branded cards, rent cars, subscribe to a magazine, and even converting loyalty points from other programs into JPMiles. Once the required amount of flying miles are collected, you can redeem them for free flight tickets, upgrades, gifts, shopping, and more.

How to Use Frequent Flying Miles?

JetPrivilege has partnered with more than 25 major airlines, and you can use your frequent flying miles to book an award flight with all of them! This means, you can earn JPMiles when flying to more than 1000 destinations! Sure you can also use these miles to upgrade your seat to a higher cabin, and even to redeem them for other rewards and gifts, like electronics, home and living, health and beauty, luggage and travel, jewellery and watches through the JetPrivilege Reward Store.

For redeeming the miles, all you need to do is to log into the website of the program provider and use your miles to buy tickets, upgrade your seat or redeem them for other goodies!