Get the Best Deals on Maldives Holiday Packages Exclusively on OVHolidays

Get the Best Deals on Maldives Holiday Packages Exclusively on OVHolidays

Maldives is considered one of the most luxurious travel destinations. However, seasoned travelers know the simple hack that works every time! The trick is nothing but completing your reservations at least six months in advance. Prices tend to soar as the peak season arrives, and you might end up spending considerably more if you wait for last minute reservations.

The peak tourist season in the Maldives is between the months of November and April, with February and March recording the highest footfall. It is between these months that the weather is clear with minimal rainfall, making it ideal for scuba diving. The water currents during winter help a thriving marine ecosystem.

Planning Your Maldives Travel Itinerary:

Despite Maldives being considered a top honeymooner’s haven, Maldives is perfect for adventure sports too! Numerous activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, and scuba diving are offered by most resorts. If you are interested in water sports, book a package with your resort before confirming your stay.

If you are looking for a more laid back holiday, you can enjoy your day by the beach, in the numerous infinity pools or aboard a cruise ship, sipping on a cocktail. You could also reserve a rejuvenating spa session. Most resorts have an in-house spa. You can also book an appointment outside the hotel premises, if you wish.

The Maldives consists of close to 1,200 islands and atolls, close to one-third of which is populated. There are nearly 400 luxury resorts, overwater bungalows and beachside villas apart from 5-star hotels and budget accommodation options to choose from. We recommend staying at a secluded overwater bungalow on a private island, if you are looking for some peace and quiet.

One of the more popular attractions of the Maldives is venturing out into the open ocean on a yacht. Most resorts have private vessels for hire, or can get one at your request. You can spend your day fishing, watching the sun set on the horizon or go island hopping.


Getting Hold of the Best Deals on OVHolidays:

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